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-> unbreak appending to discs
-> reset burn data gui better following a burn
-> More graceful handling of errors
-> ffmpeg as an alternative backend to gstreamer
-> finish interface
-> more flexible typebuf
-> more configuration options (speed and drive choice done)
-> figure out what to do about dnd, should it be consolidated into one system, how to handle internel, etc.
-> don't load the sources all at one time (lots of memory consumed -- for my entire development tree containing 154256 files, ecdb uses 46mb)
-> integrate exchange
-> instead of always swallowing widgets, allow theme to specify on a widget-by-widget basis if it wants to emit signals from internal parts (so, for example, the settings could be triggered by a small + in the corner, and expand from there)
->able to allow entire gui to be handled by theme... so we only interact with signals (no widgets at all)
-> better way to detect pipe deletion (done? - needs more testing)
-> get rid of evas_object_name_find/name_set
-> Detect if the media in a drive has changed and update the drive info using dbus.
-> make theme and code use a custom signal, rather than mouse,clicked,1
-> fix combo theme (good enough, and hopefully someone will make a nicer default theme anyways)