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2016-09-16 12:36:11 +00:00
# This is an example for a xorriso startup file.
# If found at one of the following addresses then its text lines will get
# executed by xorriso as commands before any of its program arguments:
# /etc/default/xorriso
# /etc/opt/xorriso/rc
# /etc/xorriso/xorriso.conf
# $HOME/.xorrisorc
# Note: Command -no_rc as first program argument prevents this execution.
# Disallow the use of hard disk /dev/sda and its partitions as
# pseudo-drive (e.g. as output target of an ISO image).
-drive_class banned /dev/sda*
# Allow the use of /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc, and /dev/sdd as pseudo-drives
# without the prefix "stdio:" which is usually required for device addresses
# which begin by "/dev/" but represent no CD drives.
-drive_class harmless /dev/sd[bcd]