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* Message handling for libisofs
#ifndef MESSAGES_H_
#define MESSAGES_H_
#include "libiso_msgs.h"
/** Can't read file (ignored) */
#define LIBISO_CANT_READ_FILE 0x00031001
/** Can't read file (operation canceled) */
#define LIBISO_FILE_READ_ERROR 0x00031002
/** File doesn't exist */
#define LIBISO_FILE_DOESNT_EXIST 0x00031003
/** Read access denied */
#define LIBISO_FILE_NO_READ_ACCESS 0x00031004
/** Unsupported image feature */
#define LIBISO_IMG_UNSUPPORTED 0x00031000
/** Unsupported Vol Desc that will be ignored */
#define LIBISO_UNSUPPORTED_VD 0x00031001
/** damaged image */
#define LIBISO_WRONG_IMG 0x00031002
/** Can't read previous image file */
#define LIBISO_CANT_READ_IMG 0x00031003
/* Unsupported SUSP entry */
#define LIBISO_SUSP_UNHANLED 0x00030101
/* Wrong SUSP entry, that cause RR to be ignored */
#define LIBISO_SUSP_WRONG 0x00030102
/* Unsupported multiple SUSP ER entries where found */
#define LIBISO_SUSP_MULTIPLE_ER 0x00030103
/** Unsupported RR feature. */
#define LIBISO_RR_UNSUPPORTED 0x00030111
/** Error in a Rock Ridge entry. */
#define LIBISO_RR_ERROR 0x00030112
/** Unsupported boot vol desc. */
#define LIBISO_BOOT_VD_UNHANLED 0x00030201
/** Wrong or damaged el-torito catalog */
#define LIBISO_EL_TORITO_WRONG 0x00030202
/** Unsupproted el-torito feature */
#define LIBISO_EL_TORITO_UNHANLED 0x00030203
/** Trying to add an invalid file as a El-Torito image */
#define LIBISO_EL_TORITO_WRONG_IMG 0x00030204
/** Can't properly patch isolinux image */
/** Copying El-Torito from a previous image without enought info about it */
#define LIBISO_EL_TORITO_BLIND_COPY 0x00030206
/** Unsupported file type for Joliet tree */
void iso_msg_debug(char *msg_text);
void iso_msg_note(int error_code, char *msg_text);
void iso_msg_hint(int error_code, char *msg_text);
void iso_msg_warn(int error_code, char *msg_text);
void iso_msg_sorry(int error_code, char *msg_text);
void iso_msg_fatal(int error_code, char *msg_text);
#endif /*MESSAGES_H_*/