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/* -*- indent-tabs-mode: t; tab-width: 8; c-basic-offset: 8; -*- */
/* vim: set noet ts=8 sts=8 sw=8 : */
* \file file.h
* Declare the structs to keep track of the files to be written into image.
* These files are stored in a hash table. Two modes of operation are supported:
* when cache inodes is enabled, the files are indexed into the table by the
* device and inode id in the local filesystem. This way, two different files
* with same inode and device id are treated as if they were a single file.
* This is usually the correct behavior, as a different file with same inode
* and device used to be a hard link.
* When cache inode is disabled, indexing is done by path on local filesystem.
#ifndef FILE_H_
#define FILE_H_
#include <stdint.h>
#define FILE_HASH_NODES 2048
struct iso_file {
unsigned int prev_img:1; /**< if the file comes from a previous image */
char *path; /**< Path of the file on local filesystem */
off_t size; /**< size of this file */
ino_t ino; /**< This will be the inode number on CD of the file (RR) */
nlink_t nlink; /**< Number of hard links of the file on CD (RR) */
uint32_t block; /**< Block where this file is to be written on image */
dev_t real_dev;
ino_t real_ino; /**< for lookup by inode caching */
int sort_weight;
struct iso_file_src *src;
struct iso_file_hash_node {
struct iso_file_hash_node *next;
struct iso_file *file;
struct iso_file_table {
struct iso_file_hash_node *table[FILE_HASH_NODES];
size_t count;
int cache_inodes; /**< 1 to index by inode number */
struct iso_tree_node_file;
struct ecma119_write_target;
* Create a struct that represents the specified iso_tree_node_file,
* suitable to be stored into the table,
struct iso_file *iso_file_new(struct ecma119_write_target *t,
struct iso_tree_node_file*);
struct iso_file_table *iso_file_table_new(int cache_inodes);
* Clear a hash table. All iso_file structs stored will also be freed,
* but not the path of each iso_file
void iso_file_table_clear(struct iso_file_table *ft);
* Add a new file to the table.
* \return 1 if the file is added, 0 if the file already exist on table
int iso_file_table_add_file(struct iso_file_table *ft, struct iso_file *f);
struct iso_file *iso_file_table_lookup(struct iso_file_table *ft,
struct iso_tree_node_file *f);
#endif /*FILE_H_*/