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17 years ago
/* -*- indent-tabs-mode: t; tab-width: 8; c-basic-offset: 8; -*- */
#ifndef __TRANSPORT
#define __TRANSPORT
#include "libburn.h"
#include "os.h"
17 years ago
#include <pthread.h>
/* sg data structures */
#include <sys/types.h>
/* see os.h for name of particular os-*.h where this is defined */
17 years ago
enum transfer_direction
/* end of sg data structures */
/* generic 'drive' data structures */
struct cue_sheet
int count;
unsigned char *data;
struct params
int speed;
int retries;
struct buffer
/* ts A61219:
Added 4096 bytes reserve against possible buffer overflows.
(Changed in sector.c buffer flush test from >= to > BUFFER_SIZE .
This can at most cause a 1 sector overlap. Sometimes an offset
of 16 byte is applied to the output data (in some RAW mode). ) */
unsigned char data[BUFFER_SIZE + 4096];
17 years ago
int sectors;
int bytes;
struct command
unsigned char opcode[16];
int oplen;
int dir;
int dxfer_len;
17 years ago
unsigned char sense[128];
int error;
int retry;
struct buffer *page;
struct burn_scsi_inquiry_data
17 years ago
char vendor[9];
char product[17];
char revision[5];
int valid;
17 years ago
struct scsi_mode_data
int buffer_size;
int dvdram_read;
int dvdram_write;
int dvdr_read;
int dvdr_write;
int dvdrom_read;
int cdrw_read;
int cdrw_write;
int cdr_read;
int cdr_write;
int simulate;
int max_read_speed;
int max_write_speed;
/* ts A61021 */
int min_write_speed;
/* ts A61225 : Results from ACh GET PERFORMANCE, Type 03h
Speed values go into *_*_speed */
int min_end_lba;
int max_end_lba;
struct burn_speed_descriptor *speed_descriptors;
17 years ago
int cur_read_speed;
int cur_write_speed;
int retry_page_length;
int retry_page_valid;
int write_page_length;
int write_page_valid;
int c2_pointers;
int valid;
int underrun_proof;
/* ts A70112 : represents a single Formattable Capacity Descriptor as of
mmc5r03c.pdf . There can at most be 32 of them. */
struct burn_format_descr {
/* format type: e.g 0x00 is "Full", 0x15 is "Quick" */
int type;
/* the size in bytes derived from Number of Blocks */
off_t size;
/* the Type Dependent Parameter (usually the write alignment size) */
unsigned int tdp;
/** Gets initialized in enumerate_common() and burn_drive_register() */
17 years ago
struct burn_drive
/* ts A70902:
1=MMC drive ,
2=stdio random read-write
3=stdio sequential write-only
int drive_role;
int bus_no;
17 years ago
int host;
int id;
int channel;
int lun;
char *devname;
/* ts A70302: mmc5r03c.pdf 5.3.2 Physical Interface Standard */
int phys_if_std; /* 1=SCSI, 2=ATAPI, 3,4,6=FireWire, 7=SATA, 8=USB */
char phys_if_name[80]; /* MMC-5 5.3.2 table 91 , e.g. "SCSI Family" */
17 years ago
/* see os.h for name of particular os-*.h where this is defined */
/* ts A60904 : ticket 62, contribution by elmom */
Tells the index in scanned burn_drive_info array.
-1 if fallen victim to burn_drive_info_forget()
int global_index;
17 years ago
pthread_mutex_t access_lock;
enum burn_disc_status status;
int erasable;
/* ts A61201 from 46h GET CONFIGURATION */
int current_profile;
char current_profile_text[80];
int current_is_cd_profile;
int current_is_supported_profile;
/* ts A70128 : MMC-to-MMC feature info from 46h for DVD-RW.
Quite internal. Regard as opaque :)
/* 1 = incremental recording available, 0 = not available */
int current_has_feat21h;
/* Link Size item number 0 from feature 0021h descriptor */
int current_feat21h_link_size;
/* Flags from feature 002Fh feature descriptor mmc5r03c.pdf 5.3.25 :
bit1= DVD-RW supported
bit2= Test Write available
bit3= DVD-R DL supported
bit6= Buffer Under-run Free recording available (page 05h BUFE)
Value -1 indicates that no 002Fh was current in the features list.
int current_feat2fh_byte4;
/* ts A70114 : wether a DVD-RW media holds an incomplete session
(which could need closing after write) */
int needs_close_session;
/* ts A61218 from 51h READ DISC INFORMATION */
int bg_format_status; /* 0=needs format start, 1=needs format restart*/
/* ts A70108 from 23h READ FORMAT CAPACITY mmc5r03c.pdf 6.24 */
int format_descr_type; /* 1=unformatted, 2=formatted, 3=unclear */
off_t format_curr_max_size; /* meaning depends on format_descr_type */
unsigned int format_curr_blsas; /* dito */
int best_format_type;
off_t best_format_size;
/* The complete list of format descriptors as read with 23h */
int num_format_descr;
struct burn_format_descr format_descriptors[32];
17 years ago
volatile int released;
/* ts A61106 */
int silent_on_scsi_error;
int stdio_fd;
17 years ago
int nwa; /* next writeable address */
int alba; /* absolute lba */
int rlba; /* relative lba in section */
int start_lba;
int end_lba;
/* ts A70131 : from 51h READ DISC INFORMATION Number of Sessions (-1)*/
int complete_sessions;
/* ts A70129 :
from 51h READ DISC INFORMATION Last Track Number in Last Session */
int last_track_no;
/* ts A70212 : from various sources : free space on media (in bytes)
With CD this might change after particular write
parameters have been set and nwa has been inquired.
(e.g. by d->send_write_parameters() ; d->get_nwa()).
off_t media_capacity_remaining;
/* ts A70215 : if > 0 : first lba on media that is too high for write*/
int media_lba_limit;
17 years ago
int toc_temp;
struct burn_disc *disc; /* disc structure */
int block_types[4];
struct buffer *buffer;
struct burn_progress progress;
/* ts A70711 : keeping an eye on the drive buffer */
off_t pessimistic_buffer_free;
int pbf_altered;
int wait_for_buffer_free;
int nominal_write_speed;
unsigned int wfb_min_usec;
unsigned int wfb_max_usec;
unsigned int wfb_timeout_sec;
unsigned int wfb_min_percent;
unsigned int wfb_max_percent;
unsigned int pessimistic_writes;
unsigned int waited_writes;
unsigned int waited_tries;
unsigned int waited_usec;
17 years ago
volatile int cancel;
volatile enum burn_drive_status busy;
/* ts A70929 */
pid_t thread_pid;
int thread_pid_valid;
17 years ago
/* transport functions */
int (*grab) (struct burn_drive *);
int (*release) (struct burn_drive *);
/* ts A61021 */
int (*drive_is_open) (struct burn_drive *);
17 years ago
int (*issue_command) (struct burn_drive *, struct command *);
/* lower level functions */
void (*erase) (struct burn_drive *, int);
void (*getcaps) (struct burn_drive *);
/* ts A61021 */
void (*read_atip) (struct burn_drive *);
17 years ago
int (*write) (struct burn_drive *, int, struct buffer *);
void (*read_toc) (struct burn_drive *);
void (*lock) (struct burn_drive *);
void (*unlock) (struct burn_drive *);
void (*eject) (struct burn_drive *);
void (*load) (struct burn_drive *);
int (*start_unit) (struct burn_drive *);
17 years ago
void (*read_disc_info) (struct burn_drive *);
void (*read_sectors) (struct burn_drive *,
int start,
int len,
const struct burn_read_opts *, struct buffer *);
void (*perform_opc) (struct burn_drive *);
void (*set_speed) (struct burn_drive *, int, int);
void (*send_parameters) (struct burn_drive *,
const struct burn_read_opts *);
void (*send_write_parameters) (struct burn_drive *,
const struct burn_write_opts *);
void (*send_cue_sheet) (struct burn_drive *, struct cue_sheet *);
/* ts A70205 : Announce size of a DVD-R[W] DAO session. */
int (*reserve_track) (struct burn_drive *d, off_t size);
17 years ago
void (*sync_cache) (struct burn_drive *);
int (*get_erase_progress) (struct burn_drive *);
int (*get_nwa) (struct burn_drive *, int trackno, int *lba, int *nwa);
/* ts A70131 : obtain (possibly fake) TOC number and start lba of
first track in last complete session */
int (*read_multi_session_c1)(struct burn_drive *d,
int *trackno, int *start);
/* ts A61009 : removed d in favor of o->drive */
/* void (*close_disc) (struct burn_drive * d,
struct burn_write_opts * o);
void (*close_session) (struct burn_drive * d,
17 years ago
struct burn_write_opts * o);
void (*close_disc) (struct burn_write_opts * o);
void (*close_session) ( struct burn_write_opts * o);
/* ts A61029 */
void (*close_track_session) ( struct burn_drive *d,
int session, int track);
17 years ago
int (*test_unit_ready) (struct burn_drive * d);
void (*probe_write_modes) (struct burn_drive * d);
struct params params;
struct burn_scsi_inquiry_data *idata;
17 years ago
struct scsi_mode_data *mdata;
int toc_entries;
struct burn_toc_entry *toc_entry;
/* ts A61023 : get size and free space of drive buffer */
int (*read_buffer_capacity) (struct burn_drive *d);
/* ts A61220 : format media (e.g. DVD+RW) */
int (*format_unit) (struct burn_drive *d, off_t size, int flag);
/* ts A70108 */
/* mmc5r03c.pdf 6.24 : get list of available formats */
int (*read_format_capacities) (struct burn_drive *d, int top_wanted);
/* ts A70812 */
/* mmc5r03c.pdf 6.15 : read data sectors (start and amount in LBA) */
int (*read_10) (struct burn_drive *d, int start, int amount,
struct buffer *buf);
17 years ago
/* end of generic 'drive' data structures */
#endif /* __TRANSPORT */