1106 Commits (master)

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  Thomas Schmitt 31e8f5cf0e Unified size of large or unlimited pseudo drives to 4 TiB - 32 KiB 7 days ago
  Thomas Schmitt 2a977cfc4b Improved error message if a track is larger than 4 TiB - 32 KiB 7 days ago
  Thomas Schmitt f1d5c670c5 Made number transition to 1.5.5 1 month ago
  Thomas Schmitt 2a58d5ae5c Made number transition to 1.5.4 1 month ago
  Thomas Schmitt 3468a2ad38 Tolerating all sense replies of form 6,28,* 5 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 6b2ae7d141 For now using CDROM_SIMUL_CHANGE only if -DLibburn_use_linux_ioctl_simul_changE 6 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt ab6b1039a4 Changed experimental ioctl from CDROM_REVALIDATE to CDROM_SIMUL_CHANGE 6 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 8b9a8cfb4b New API call burn_nominal_slowdown() 6 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 0e1f5dc3da New API call burn_drive_set_speed_exact() 6 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 8d934ee7b8 Testing use of experimental ioctl CDROM_REVALIDATE after media state changes 7 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 799175019b Bug fix: Early SCSI commands from sg-linux.c were not logged 11 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 91f7d4d34a Bug fix: cdrskin multi-track burning was slow and stalled after track 1. Regression introduced in version 1.5.0 by commit 84fad99, 2018.02.05 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt ba9b69b1df Fixed spelling errors found by fossies.org with codespell 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 0a37e8cbe5 Made number transition to 1.5.3 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 3a940300e2 Committed forgotten header file 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 2298dfd08a Made number transition to 1.5.2 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 354d45e640 Bug fix: TDK Corporation was not recognized as manufacturer of DVD-R "TTH02". Thanks Steve. 1 year ago
  Thomas Schmitt 6905bb447a Showing more info in case of drive errors and transport problems 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt c5bc9f6de7 New API calls burn_drive_get_feature_codes(), burn_drive_get_feature() 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 610e213f70 Putting out more info in case of failed Linux SG_IO ioctl 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 4d5486acf5 Applying stream recording only to DVD-RAM, BD-R, BD-RE media 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 39f2712bb7 Bug fix: Stream recording was applied regardless whether the drive offers it 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt d72fb13225 Emitting cleartext for errors with ASC 6F (CSS problems) 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 7282eaab2c Silenced gcc warnings about printf target buffer 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 042fe178bf Bug fix: No lock was obtained for setting up a fifo object 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt af65852dc8 Silenced gcc warnings about switch-cases and printf target buffers 2 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 04f9a30787 Made number transition to 1.5.1 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt c75ad3162c Made number transition to 1.5.0 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 3fdf11817d Bug fix: Device file comparison parameters were recorded wrong with Linux sg 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt ff039e8096 Bug fix: SIGSEGV could happen if a track ended by reaching its fixed size while the track source still was willing to deliver bytes 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt c84889bb81 Reporting in SCSI log when commands get repeated 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 95f5b1ce2b Added missing header file for previous commit 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt ef2fa1d99d Adapting to surplus chunks and subchunks in .wav files 3 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt b5b5cc1fb2 Reacted on compiler warning about theoretical overflow of an sprintf 4 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 99e828c72f Reacted on compiler warning about theoretical overflow of an sprintf 4 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 2886b82bf0 Reacted on compiler warning about theoretical overflow of an sprintf 4 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt f1fc16bb8a Made number transition to 1.4.9 4 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 516dc2ca76 Made number transition to 1.4.8 4 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 113f5873cb Fixed the block count in error message about read attempt after medium end 4 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt a4b688ab52 Refusing to write to BD-R if formatted to Pseudo Overwrite 4 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt d71d80d1a1 New API call burn_drive_get_bd_r_pow() 4 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 724d518dbc Giving up use of function pthread_cancel() 4 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 80175e0054 Let random access writing obey simulation mode of previous sequential run. New API call burn_drive_reset_simulate(). 4 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 261538cea7 Made number transition to 1.4.7 5 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 607f339501 Added a few ASCQ texts to error code 5,30,X 5 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt cd6b19a065 Bug fix: SAO CD could be perceived 2 blocks too short. Regression in 1.4.4 by rev 5672. 5 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 7cc62d99e9 Enabled overriding of OpenBSD default for Immed usage 5 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt ed6bf59026 Forgot to commit the libburn.ver file with the new API symbols 5 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 740e726ffe New API call burn_drive_set_immed() 5 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 2e8dec42e5 Reacted on some of the complaints of codespell 5 years ago