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  Thomas Schmitt f8be7e46ab Bug fix: The signal handler aborted on SIGCONT, SIGTSTP, SIGTTIN, SIGTTOU 8 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt b30a2af7c7 Allowed 64 kB max output buffer size on all OSes 11 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt a2df41713d Let general POSIX system adapters ignore SIGWINCH and SIGURG if defined 11 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 6db992e646 Added or adjusted copyright and license statements in single files 11 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt bd017a108e Changed docs and comments to "GNU/Linux" where appropriate 11 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 80bcabfd57 Enlarged buffer size of libcdio adapter on Linux to 64k 11 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt d53c5db98e Extended sg-API by sg_shutdown(), sg_dispose_drive(), sg_id_string() 11 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt cee271f9cb Showing libburn users drive name link targets, using in libcdio its own names 11 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt dd85e37ac8 Experimental SCSI transport adapter via GNU libcdio 11 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 8c56ca131f New operating system adapter "dummy" for stdio on POSIX-like systems 12 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt ea17318e18 Taking into respect drive list from /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info 13 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt db5568c03b Enforced tail padding with stream_recording, enlarged transport buffer 13 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt fba8eaef80 Moved general 32 kiB buffer restriction from write.c to os-linux.h 14 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 4bc8e4caea Cleaned up scsi sibling management, sketched grafting of DDLP 14 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 0f34fb03a0 Kept SIGWINCH from spoiling a burn. 14 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 6a69cfcf07 Added note that buffer may not be smaller than 32768 14 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt ff284b3f51 Made consolidaed operating system adapters for ease of porting 15 years ago