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Thomas Schmitt c39e7d8ce4 Renamed libburn-5.pc to libburn-1.pc 15 years ago
Mario Danic 5432612965 Returned to -5 naming 16 years ago
Mario Danic 49925ad2ba Changed sonumber to 4, and changed file 16 years ago
Mario Danic c09a34ebe4 Corrected file according to our SO number 16 years ago
Alexander Nedotsukov a8d9882280 - Libs specification corrected.
Pthreads is private to libburn and we should require clients
  to link against it only in case of static linking.
- Added system specific libraries to private librraies list.
17 years ago
Mario Danic d9209355fa Fixed cflags in files 17 years ago
Mario Danic 2f2c115e08 Initial import 17 years ago