34 Commits (d4e4607a84f71c7364be388a4cd4db73bf536cd6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Thomas Schmitt d4e4607a84 Obeying burn_set_scsi_logging() with errors of class RETRY 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt cdcda19384 Reporting sense data with burn_set_scsi_logging() 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 9f61db5378 Recognizing sense data format 0x72 if given instead of 0x70 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 2a48b34bcd Changed all malloc() to calloc() 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt edca339338 Eventually including ../config.h generated by autotools 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt fafc190fd4 Adjusted libcdio system adapter to FreeBSD peculiarities 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt e6029ae238 Trying to detect FreeBSD ahci devices and to handle others the old way 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 0e777ec688 Had to make ahci change conditional for now: -DLibburn_for_freebsd_ahcI 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 8dcdb5a87f Changed sg-freebsd.c to work with ahci, advise by Alexander Motin 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 6db992e646 Added or adjusted copyright and license statements in single files 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt da1d260753 Learned how to inquire size of disk-like FreeBSD devices 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 39fd8b922d New OS adapter burn_os_is_2k_seekrw() replaces S_ISBLK() with pseudo-drives 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 7ead54c8b9 Implemented adivisory FreeBSD drive locking via flock(2) 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt df612390d3 Adaptions after encounter with FreeBSD 8.0 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt d53c5db98e Extended sg-API by sg_shutdown(), sg_dispose_drive(), sg_id_string() 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 08169d63bc New API function burn_scsi_transport_id() 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt e13b6369ba New internal sg-API function sg_initialize() 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 496d794bcd Gave up call burn_os_close_track_src() introduced by rev 2920 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt dc8ecdd77e New API calls burn_os_open_track_src() , burn_os_alloc_buffer() 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 937a226543 Bug fix: Closed memory leak with failure to open device file under FreeBSD. Thanks to George Danchev. 10 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt e5632de786 Bug fix: Device scan stalled on FreeBSD. Ticket 148 jwele 11 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt ed60d9a644 Removed remark that use of statvfs() was untested with FreeBSD 11 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 090861567d Brought burn_stdio_write_track() onto sector_data() for outmost realism 13 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 75dd141055 Enable os dependend stdio size estimation 13 years ago
  Alexander Nedotsukov 3aec7fdeda Restored FreeBSD backend. 13 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 13641fcbae Made portability clarifications 13 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 99ca953b1d Made MMC command CLOSE TRACK/SESSION available to struct burn_drive 13 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt c51a93fd9a Updated tangling of FreeBSD code with mmc.c :( 13 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt e5ed5f1856 Split enumerate_common() into logic-layer, command-layer, transport-layer 13 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt b6a04cb493 Implemented some ATIP functionality 13 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 8610c9bd1d Made cdrskin produce "ATIP start of lead" (on non-blank media for now) 13 years ago
  Alexander Nedotsukov f8fd6a21f4 - Added logging to libdax_msgs similar to Linux backend. 13 years ago
  Thomas Schmitt 0710bbb4fb Introduced burn_drive_enumerator_t to allow more complete sg-freebsd implementation 13 years ago
  Mario Danic 1d570af0b5 Implemented freebsd transport layer 13 years ago