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#ifndef Cgen_includeD
#define Cgen_includeD Yes
struct CgeN {
char *classname;
char *structname;
char *functname;
int is_managed_list;
int is_bossless_list;
int gen_for_stic; /* 0=no smem,srgex,sfile , 1=all three, 2=smem only */
int make_ansi;
int make_lowercase;
char global_include_file[4096];
FILE *global_include_fp;
struct CtyP *elements;
struct CtyP *last_element;
int may_overwrite;
FILE *fp;
char filename[4096];
FILE *ptt_fp;
char ptt_filename[4096];
char msg[8192];
#endif /* Cgen_includeD */