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#ifndef Ctyp_includeD
#define Ctyp_includeD
struct CtyP {
/* if 1 : .name contains comment text, all other elements are invalid */
int is_comment;
int is_pointer; /* number of asterisks */
int is_struct;
int is_unsigned;
int is_volatile;
unsigned long array_size;
int management; /*
-v 0= just a value
-m 1= allocated memory which needs to be freed
-c 2= mutual link with the next element
-c 3= mutual link with the prev element
-l 4= list of -m , chained by -c pair named 'prev','next'
supposed to be followed by a -v of the same type
which will mark the end of the list
int with_getter;
int with_setter;
int bossless_list;
int no_initializer;
char *dtype;
char *name;
struct CtyP *prev;
struct CtyP *next;
#endif /* Ctyp_includeD */