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/* -*- indent-tabs-mode: t; tab-width: 8; c-basic-offset: 8; -*- */
/* Copyright (c) 2004 - 2006 Derek Foreman, Ben Jansens
Copyright (c) 2012 Thomas Schmitt <>
Provided under GPL version 2 or later.
#ifndef BURN__CRC_H
#define BURN__CRC_H
#ifdef Xorriso_standalonE
/* Source module crc.c of yet unclear ancestry is excluded from GNU xorriso */
/* ts B20219 : The functions have been re-implemented from scratch after
studying texts about CRC computation and understanding the
meaning of the underlying ECMA-130 specs.
Nevertheless, there is no need to include them into xorriso
because it does neither CD-TEXT nor raw CD writing.
#ifndef Libburn_no_crc_C
#define Libburn_no_crc_C 1
#ifndef Libburn_no_crc_C
unsigned short crc_ccitt(unsigned char *, int len);
unsigned int crc_32(unsigned char *, int len);
#endif /* Libburn_no_crc_C */
#endif /* BURN__CRC_H */