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#include "libburn.h"
/** Options for disc writing operations. This should be created with
burn_write_opts_new() and freed with burn_write_opts_free(). */
struct burn_write_opts
/** Drive the write opts are good for */
struct burn_drive *drive;
/** For internal use. */
int refcount;
/** The method/style of writing to use. */
enum burn_write_types write_type;
/** format of the data to send to the drive */
enum burn_block_types block_type;
/** Number of toc entries. if this is 0, they will be auto generated*/
int toc_entries;
/** Toc entries for the disc */
struct burn_toc_entry *toc_entry;
/** Simulate the write so that the disc is not actually written */
unsigned int simulate:1;
/** If available, enable a drive feature which prevents buffer
underruns if not enough data is available to keep up with the
drive. */
unsigned int underrun_proof:1;
/** Perform calibration of the drive's laser before beginning the
write. */
unsigned int perform_opc:1;
/** A disc can have a media catalog number */
int has_mediacatalog;
unsigned char mediacatalog[13];
/** Session format */
int format;
/* internal use only */
unsigned char control;
unsigned char multi;
/** Options for disc reading operations. This should be created with
burn_read_opts_new() and freed with burn_read_opts_free(). */
struct burn_read_opts
/** Drive the read opts are good for */
struct burn_drive *drive;
/** For internal use. */
int refcount;
/** Read in raw mode, so that everything in the data tracks on the
disc is read, including headers. Not needed if just reading a
filesystem off a disc, but it should usually be used when making a
disc image or copying a disc. */
unsigned int raw:1;
/** Report c2 errors. Useful for statistics reporting */
unsigned int c2errors:1;
/** Read subcodes from audio tracks on the disc */
unsigned int subcodes_audio:1;
/** Read subcodes from data tracks on the disc */
unsigned int subcodes_data:1;
/** Have the drive recover errors if possible */
unsigned int hardware_error_recovery:1;
/** Report errors even when they were recovered from */
unsigned int report_recovered_errors:1;
/** Read blocks even when there are unrecoverable errors in them */
unsigned int transfer_damaged_blocks:1;
/** The number of retries the hardware should make to correct
errors. */
unsigned char hardware_error_retries;
#endif /* BURN__OPTIONS_H */