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/* -*- indent-tabs-mode: t; tab-width: 8; c-basic-offset: 8; -*- */
#ifndef __SPC
#define __SPC
#include "libburn.h"
void spc_inquiry(struct burn_drive *);
void spc_prevent(struct burn_drive *);
void spc_allow(struct burn_drive *);
void spc_sense_caps(struct burn_drive *);
void spc_sense_error_params(struct burn_drive *);
void spc_select_error_params(struct burn_drive *,
const struct burn_read_opts *);
void spc_getcaps(struct burn_drive *d);
void spc_sense_write_params(struct burn_drive *);
void spc_select_write_params(struct burn_drive *,
const struct burn_write_opts *);
void spc_probe_write_modes(struct burn_drive *);
void spc_request_sense(struct burn_drive *d, struct buffer *buf);
int spc_block_type(enum burn_block_types b);
int spc_get_erase_progress(struct burn_drive *d);
int spc_test_unit_ready(struct burn_drive *d);
/* ts A61021 : the spc specific part of sg.c:enumerate_common()
int spc_setup_drive(struct burn_drive *d);
/* ts A61021 : the general SCSI specific part of sg.c:enumerate_common()
@param flag Bitfield for control purposes
bit0= do not setup spc/sbc/mmc
int burn_scsi_setup_drive(struct burn_drive *d, int bus_no, int host_no,
int channel_no, int target_no, int lun_no, int flag);
/* ts A61115 moved from sg-*.h */
enum response { RETRY, FAIL };
enum response scsi_error(struct burn_drive *, unsigned char *, int);
/* ts A61030 */
/* @param flag bit0=do report conditions which are considered not an error */
int scsi_notify_error(struct burn_drive *, struct command *c,
unsigned char *sense, int senselen, int flag);
#endif /*__SPC*/