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19 Aug 2006 [committed]
cdrskin/README cdrskin/cdrskin.c cdrskin/add_ts_changes_to_libburn_0_2_1 \
cdrskin/cdrskin_timestamp.h cdrskin/
cdrskin-0.1.4 "stable" released on base of August 15 2006 version of after initial merge of libburn and cdrskin-0.1.3 .
19 Aug 2006 [in the process of being committed right now]
cdrskin-0.1.5 development started.
Introduced this changelog.
---------------------------------- Format (still emerging):
Day Month Year [eventual commit mark with revision number]
affected files , naked, one by line,
[eventually = internal snapshot tarball]
More ore less concise description.
---------------------------------- End of Format
20 Aug 2006 [committed together with next change, i fear]
Hopefully fixed a file descriptor resource leak in sg_grab().
All scanned drives (seem to) stay open once, the grabbed one got re-opened
and its stored first file descriptor got forgotten. Now we try to detect
and re-use the still open fd.
21 Aug 2006 [committed]
= libburn_cdrskin_A60819.tgz
cdrskin/cdrskin.c [committed later as revision 11]
O_EXCL experiments imported from cdrskin-0.1.3
In default configuration and on compliant kernels expect that a busy drive is
invisible to further cdrskin instances. The user gets hints in case of empty
bus scan result resp. busy drive given with dev=...
Wether cdrecord and cdrskin respect each other would have to be evaluated.
Options to play with:
--demand_a_drive exit !=0 on bus scans with empty result
--drive_abort_on_busy abort process if busy drive is found
(might be triggered by a busy hard disk)
--drive_blocking try to wait for busy drive to become free
(might be stalled by a busy hard disk)
--drive_not_exclusive do not ask kernel to prevent opening
busy drives. Effect is kernel dependend.
grab_drive_and_wait=<num> grab drive, wait given number of
seconds, release drive, and do normal work
21 Aug 2006 [committed]
Rectified non-ANSI-C comment, complained by gcc.
21 Aug 2006 [committed 13]
The homepage moved in from scdbackup's internal doc collection.
21 Aug 2006 [commited with revision 11, i fear]
Removed flaw:
Help text of tao_to_sao_tsize= clarified.
21 Aug 2006 [committed 12]
The initial filling of the cdrskin wiki on .
I am not sure about the future fate of this text. I plan to keep it up to
date with the online wiki for now. The online version will be considered
the original.
21 Aug 2006 [committed 15]
Timestamping the new version.
21 Aug 2006 [committed 14]
Readjusted relationship glue of libburn and cdrskin.