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struct isrc
int has_isrc;
char country[2]; /* each must be 0-9, A-Z */
char owner[3]; /* each must be 0-9, A-Z */
unsigned char year; /* must be 0-99 */
unsigned int serial; /* must be 0-99999 */
struct burn_track
int refcnt;
struct burn_toc_entry *entry;
unsigned char indices;
/* lba address of the index */
unsigned int index[99];
/** number of 0 bytes to write before data */
int offset;
/** how much offset has been used */
int offsetcount;
/** Number of zeros to write after data */
int tail;
/** how much tail has been used */
int tailcount;
/** 1 means Pad with zeros, 0 means start reading the next track */
int pad;
/* ts A70213 : wether to expand this track to full available media */
int fill_up_media;
/* ts A70218 : a track size to use if it is mandarory to have some */
off_t default_size;
/** Data source */
struct burn_source *source;
/** End of Source flag */
int eos;
/* ts A61101 */
off_t sourcecount;
off_t writecount;
off_t written_sectors;
/* ts A61031 */
/** Source is of undefined length */
int open_ended;
/** End of open ended track flag : offset+payload+tail are delivered */
int track_data_done;
/** The audio/data mode for the entry. Derived from control and
possibly from reading the track's first sector. */
int mode;
/** The track contains interval one of a pregap */
int pregap1;
/** The track contains interval two of a pregap */
int pregap2;
/** The track contains a postgap */
int postgap;
struct isrc isrc;
/* ts A61024 */
/** Byte swapping on source data stream : 0=none , 1=pairwise */
int swap_source_bytes;
struct burn_session
unsigned char firsttrack;
unsigned char lasttrack;
int hidefirst;
unsigned char start_m;
unsigned char start_s;
unsigned char start_f;
struct burn_toc_entry *leadout_entry;
int tracks;
struct burn_track **track;
int refcnt;
struct burn_disc
int sessions;
struct burn_session **session;
int refcnt;
int burn_track_get_shortage(struct burn_track *t);
/* ts A61031 : might go to libburn.h */
int burn_track_is_open_ended(struct burn_track *t);
int burn_track_is_data_done(struct burn_track *t);
/* ts A70125 : sets overall sectors of a track: offset+payload+padding */
int burn_track_set_sectors(struct burn_track *t, int sectors);
/* ts A70218 : sets the payload size alone */
int burn_track_set_size(struct burn_track *t, off_t size);
/* ts A70213 */
int burn_track_set_fillup(struct burn_track *t, int fill_up_media);
int burn_track_apply_fillup(struct burn_track *t, off_t max_size, int flag);
/* ts A70218 */
off_t burn_track_get_default_size(struct burn_track *t);
/* ts A80808 : Enhance CD toc to DVD toc */
int burn_disc_cd_toc_extensions(struct burn_disc *d, int flag);
#endif /* BURN__STRUCTURE_H */