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/* -*- indent-tabs-mode: t; tab-width: 8; c-basic-offset: 8; -*- */
#ifndef __DRIVE
#define __DRIVE
#include "libburn.h"
#include "toc.h"
#include "structure.h"
struct burn_drive;
struct command;
struct mempage;
#define LEAD_IN 1
#define GAP 2
#define USER_DATA 3
#define LEAD_OUT 4
#define SYNC 5
#define SESSION_LEADOUT_ENTRY(d,s) (d)->toc->session[(s)].leadout_entry
burn_msf_to_lba(d->toc->session[d->currsession].start_m, \
d->toc->session[d->currsession].start_s, \
#define SESSION_END(d,s) \
TOC_ENTRY_PLBA((d)->toc, SESSION_LEADOUT_ENTRY((d), (d)->currsession-1))
#define LAST_SESSION_END(d) \
TOC_ENTRY_PLBA((d)->toc, \
SESSION_LEADOUT_ENTRY((d), (d)->toc->sessions-1))
struct burn_drive *burn_drive_register(struct burn_drive *);
int burn_drive_unregister(struct burn_drive *d);
unsigned int burn_drive_count(void);
void burn_wait_all(void);
int burn_sector_length_write(struct burn_drive *d);
int burn_track_control(struct burn_drive *d, int);
void burn_write_empty_sector(int fd);
void burn_write_empty_subcode(int fd);
void burn_drive_free(struct burn_drive *d);
void burn_drive_free_all(void);
int burn_drive_scan_sync(struct burn_drive_info *drives[],
unsigned int *n_drives);
void burn_disc_erase_sync(struct burn_drive *d, int fast);
int burn_drive_get_block_types(struct burn_drive *d,
enum burn_write_types write_type);
int burn_drive_is_open(struct burn_drive *d);
int burn_drive_is_occupied(struct burn_drive *d);
int burn_drive_forget(struct burn_drive *d, int force);
int burn_drive_convert_fs_adr_sub(char *path, char adr[], int *rec_count);
#endif /* __DRIVE */