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/* -*- indent-tabs-mode: t; tab-width: 8; c-basic-offset: 8; -*- */
/* Copyright (c) 2004 - 2006 Derek Foreman, Ben Jansens
Copyright (c) 2006 - 2010 Thomas Schmitt <>
Provided under GPL version 2 or later.
#ifndef BURN__WRITE_H
#define BURN__WRITE_H
struct cue_sheet;
struct burn_session;
struct burn_write_opts;
struct burn_disc;
struct cue_sheet *burn_create_toc_entries(struct burn_write_opts *o,
struct burn_session *session,
int nwa);
int burn_sector_length(int trackmode);
int burn_subcode_length(int trackmode);
/* ts A61009 */
int burn_disc_write_is_ok(struct burn_write_opts *o, struct burn_disc *disc,
int flag);
void burn_disc_write_sync(struct burn_write_opts *o, struct burn_disc *disc);
int burn_write_leadin(struct burn_write_opts *o,
struct burn_session *s, int first);
int burn_write_leadout(struct burn_write_opts *o,
int first, unsigned char control, int mode);
int burn_write_session(struct burn_write_opts *o, struct burn_session *s);
int burn_write_track(struct burn_write_opts *o, struct burn_session *s,
int tnum);
int burn_write_flush(struct burn_write_opts *o, struct burn_track *track);
/* ts A61030 : necessary for TAO */
int burn_write_close_track(struct burn_write_opts *o, struct burn_session *s,
int tnum);
int burn_write_close_session(struct burn_write_opts *o);
/* @param flag bit0= repair checksum
bit1= repair checksum if all pack CRCs are 0
@return 0= no mismatch , >0 number of unrepaired mismatches
<0 number of repaired mismatches
int burn_cdtext_crc_mismatches(unsigned char *packs, int num_packs, int flag);
/* mmc5r03c.pdf DVD-R DL: Close Function 010b: Close Session
"When the recording mode is Incremental Recording,
the disc is single session."
Enable this macro to get away from growisofs which uses Close Session
but also states "// DVD-R DL Seq has no notion of multi-session".
#define Libburn_dvd_r_dl_multi_no_close_sessioN 1
#endif /* BURN__WRITE_H */