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/* Command line oriented batch and dialog tool which creates, loads,
manipulates and burns ISO 9660 filesystem images.
Copyright 2007-2013 Thomas Schmitt, <>
Provided under GPL version 2 or later.
This file contains inner declarations of xorriso.
The public interface is in xorriso.h
/* For now, #ifdef Xorriso_is_xorriso_selF has no meaning.
But it is already now to be set only by the xorriso.c module.
#ifndef Xorriso_private_includeD
#define Xorriso_private_includeD yes
/* <<< Disable this to disable pthread_mutex locking on message and result
#define Xorriso_fetch_with_msg_queueS yes
/* for uint32_t */
#include <stdint.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
/** The source code release timestamp */
#include "xorriso_timestamp.h"
#ifndef Xorriso_timestamP
#define Xorriso_timestamP "-none-given-"
/** The binary build timestamp is to be set externally by the compiler
or by a macro definition in xorriso_buildstamp.h.
#include "xorriso_buildstamp.h"
#ifndef Xorriso_build_timestamP
#define Xorriso_build_timestamP "-none-given-"
#include "sfile.h"
#include "misc_funct.h"
struct ExclusionS; /* List of -not_* conditions */
struct PermiteM; /* Stack of temporarily altered access permissions */
struct CheckmediajoB; /* Parameters for Xorriso_check_media() */
struct SectorbitmaP; /* Distiniction between valid and invalid sectors */
struct FindjoB; /* Program and status of a find run */
/* maximum number of history lines to be reported with -status:long_history */
#define Xorriso_status_history_maX 100
/** The list of startup file names */
#define Xorriso_rc_nuM 4
/* Default setting for the size limit of single data files:
100 extents with 4 GB - 2 kB each = 400 GB - 200 kB
#define Xorriso_default_file_size_limiT \
(((off_t) 400) * ((off_t) 1024*1024*1024) - (off_t) 204800)
/* Maximum number of appended partitions. Effectively usable number depends
on system area type.
#define Xorriso_max_appended_partitionS 8
Maximum length of a disc label text plus 1.
#define Xorriso_disc_label_sizE 129
struct XorrisO { /* the global context of xorriso */
int libs_are_started;
/* source */
char progname[SfileadrL];
char initial_wdx[SfileadrL];
int no_rc;
/* Command line argument emulations:
0=xorriso mode
1=mkisofs mode
2=cdrecord mode
int argument_emulation;
/** List of startupfiles */
char rc_filenames[Xorriso_rc_nuM][SfileadrL];
int rc_filename_count;
int arrange_args;
/* Whether .mkisofsrc has already been read */
int mkisofsrc_done;
char wdi[SfileadrL];
char wdx[SfileadrL];
int did_something_useful;
int add_plainly;
off_t split_size;
char list_delimiter[81];
/* >>> put libisofs aspects here <<< */
int ino_behavior; /* bit0= at image load time:
Do not load PX inode numbers but generate new
unique ones for all loaded IsoNode.
bit1= at image generation time:
Do not consolidate suitable nodes to hardlinks.
bit2= at restore-to-disk time:
Do not consolidate suitable nodes to hardlinks.
bit3= with update:
Do not try to detect hardlink splits and joinings.
bit4= with extract:
Do not create or use hln arrays if sort_lba_on
bit5= with command -lsl
Do not create hln array for hard link count
int iso_level;
int iso_level_is_default;
int do_joliet;
int do_hfsplus;
int do_fat;
int do_rockridge;
int do_iso1999;
int do_aaip; /* bit0= ACL in
bit1= ACL out
bit2= EA in
bit3= EA out
bit4= record dev,inode per node, isofs_st_out in root
bit5= check dev,inode,isofs_st_in
bit6= omit content check if bit5 check is conclusive
bit7= omit dev check with bit5
bit8= store output charset in xattr "isofs.cs"
bit9= allow to set input charset from xattr "isofs.cs"
int do_md5; /* bit0= read MD5 array
bit1= write session MD5
bit2= write MD5 for each data file
bit3= make file content stability check by double reading
bit4= use recorded MD5 as proxy of ISO file
bit5= with bit0: do not check tags of superblock,tree,session
int no_emul_toc; /* bit0= On overwriteables:
write first session to LBA 0 rather than 32.
int do_old_empty; /* See -compliance old_empty
own data content: range [0,31]. The new way is to have
a dedicated block to which all such files will point.
char scdbackup_tag_name[81];
char scdbackup_tag_time[19];
char scdbackup_tag_written[512];
char scdbackup_tag_listname[SfileadrL];
int relax_compliance; /* opaque bitfield to be set by xorrisoburn */
int allow_dir_id_ext_dflt; /* -compliance allow_dir_id_ext still on default */
char rr_reloc_dir[256];
int rr_reloc_flags;
int untranslated_name_len;
int do_follow_pattern;
int do_follow_param;
int do_follow_links;
int follow_link_limit;
int resolve_link_rec_count;
int resolve_link_rec_limit;
int do_follow_concat;
int do_follow_mount;
int do_global_uid;
uid_t global_uid;
int do_global_gid;
gid_t global_gid;
int do_global_mode;
mode_t global_dir_mode;
mode_t global_file_mode;
int do_tao; /* 1= Use TAO resp. Incremental
-1= Use SAO resp. DAO
0= let libburn choose */
struct Xorriso_lsT *filters;
int filter_list_closed;
int zlib_level;
int zlib_level_default;
int zisofs_block_size;
int zisofs_block_size_default;
int zisofs_by_magic;
int do_overwrite; /* 0=off, 1=on, 2=nondir */
int do_reassure; /* 0=off, 1=on, 2=tree */
char volid[33];
int volid_default;
char loaded_volid[33];
char assert_volid[SfileadrL];
char assert_volid_sev[80];
char preparer_id[129];
char publisher[129];
char application_id[129];
char system_id[33];
char volset_id[129];
char copyright_file[38];
char biblio_file[38];
char abstract_file[38];
char application_use[SfileadrL];
char session_logfile[SfileadrL];
int session_lba;
int session_blocks;
/* >>> put libburn/isoburn aspects here */
struct Xorriso_lsT *drive_blacklist;
struct Xorriso_lsT *drive_greylist;
struct Xorriso_lsT *drive_whitelist;
int toc_emulation_flag; /* bit0= bit3 for isoburn_drive_aquire()
scan -ROM profiles for ISO sessions
bit1= bit4 for isoburn_drive_aquire()
do not emulate TOC on overwriteable media
bit2= bit7 for isoburn_drive_aquire()
pretend any media to be -ROM
bit3= bit9 for isoburn_drive_aquire()
Ignore enclosing session at LBA 0
int image_start_mode; /* From what address to load the ISO image
bit0-15= addressing mode
0= automatic lba as deduced from media
1= value is session number
2= value is track number
3= value is lba
bit16= with mode 3 : value is possibly 16 too high.
Let isoburn_set_msc1() adjust it.
bit30= interference with normal msc1 processing
is enabled. Without this bit,
isoburn_set_msc1() will not be called.
bit31= image loading has happened,
setting is kept for rollback only.
Always apply as 0=auto.
char image_start_value[81]; /* value according image_start_mode */
uint32_t displacement;
int displacement_sign;
int drives_exclusive; /* burn_preset_device_open() param exclusive */
int early_stdio_test; /* For burn_allow_drive_role_4():
bit1= Test whether a stdio drive can be opened for
read-write resp. read-only resp. write only.
bit2= Classify files which cannot be opened at all
as role 0 : useless dummy.
bit3= Classify non-empty role 5 drives as
end of the file. It is nevertheless
possible to change this address by call
int cache_num_tiles; /* -data_cache_size */
int cache_tile_blocks;
int cache_default; /* bit0= cache_num_tiles, bit1= cache_tile_blocks */
int do_calm_drive; /* bit0= calm down drive after aquiring it */
char indev[SfileadrL];
void *in_drive_handle; /* interpreted only by libburnia oriented modules */
void *in_volset_handle; /* interpreted only by libburnia oriented modules */
char *in_charset; /* The charset to interpret the filename bytes */
int indev_is_exclusive;
char indev_off_adr[SfileadrL]; /* Result of burn_drive_convert_fs_adr(indev)
when indev gets aquired. */
time_t isofs_st_out; /* A time point at least 1 second before image
composition began. To be stored with image as
xattr "". */
time_t isofs_st_in; /* That time point as read from "" of the
loaded image. */
int volset_change_pending; /* whether -commit would make sense
0= no change pending
1= change pending
2= change pending, but -as misofs -print-size
was performed on the changed image model
3= change pending, but the attempt to write it
int no_volset_present; /* set to 1 on first failure */
struct CheckmediajoB *check_media_default;
int check_media_bad_limit; /* values defined as Xorriso_read_quality_* */
struct SectorbitmaP *in_sector_map; /* eventual sector validity bitmap */
char outdev[SfileadrL];
void *out_drive_handle; /* interpreted only by xorrisoburn.c */
char *out_charset; /* The charset to produce the filename bytes for */
int dev_fd_1; /* The fd which substitutes for /dev/fd/1 and is
connected to externaly perveived stdout.
int outdev_is_exclusive;
char outdev_off_adr[SfileadrL]; /* Result of burn_drive_convert_fs_adr(outdev)
when outdev gets aquired. */
int grow_blindly_msc2; /* if >= 0 this causes growing from drive to drive.
The value is used as block address offset for
image generation. Like in: mkisofs -C msc1,msc2
int ban_stdio_write;
int do_dummy;
int do_close;
int auto_close; /* Whether to let do_close depend on media state */
int write_speed; /* Write speed in libburn units : 1000 bytes/second ,
0 = Max, -1 = Min, -2= do not set */
int read_speed; /* Read speed. See above */
int fs; /* fifo size in 2048 byte chunks : at most 1 GB */
int padding; /* number of bytes to add after ISO 9660 image */
int do_padding_by_libisofs; /* 0= by libburn , 1= by libisofs */
int alignment; /* if > 0 : output size alignment in 2048 byte blocks.
This is always done by libburn, i.e. attached
outside the image. Eventual inner alignment of
the image end happens first.
int do_stream_recording; /* 0=no, 1=yes, 2=for data, not for dir
>=16 means yes with number as start LBA */
int dvd_obs; /* DVD write chunk size: 0, 32k or 64k */
int stdio_sync; /* stdio fsync interval: -1, 0, >=32 */
int stdio_sync_is_default; /* 1= is still default , 0= has been set */
int keep_boot_image;
char boot_image_cat_path[SfileadrL];
int boot_image_cat_hidden; /* bit0= hidden in ISO/RR , bit1= in Joliet ,
bit2= in HFS+ */
int boot_count; /* number of already attached boot images */
char boot_image_bin_path[SfileadrL];
char boot_image_bin_form[16];
int boot_platform_id;
int patch_isolinux_image; /* bit0= boot-info-table , bit1= not with EFI
bit2-7= Mentioning in isohybrid GPT
1=EFI, 2=HFS+
bit8= Mention in isohybrid Apple Partition Map
bit9= GRUB2 boot provisions (patch at byte 1012)
int boot_image_emul; /* 0=no emulation
1=emulation as hard disk
2=emulation as floppy
int boot_emul_default; /* 1= boot_image_emul is still default */
off_t boot_image_load_size;
unsigned char boot_id_string[29];
unsigned char boot_selection_crit[21];
int boot_image_isohybrid; /* 0=off , deprecated: 1=auto , 2=on , 3=force */
int boot_efi_default; /* 0= no effect ,
1= appy --efi-boot parameters when attaching to img */
char system_area_disk_path[SfileadrL];
int system_area_options; /* bit0= "GRUB protective msdos label"
(a simple partition table)
bit1= isohybrid boot image pointer
and partition table
bit2-7= System area type
0= with bit0 or bit1: MBR
else: unspecified type
1= MIPS Big Endian Volume Header
2= MIPS Little Endian Boot Block
3= SUN Disk Label for SUN SPARC
4= HP-PA PALO boot sector
header version 4
5= HP-PA PALO boot sector
header version 5
bit8-9= Only with System area type 0
Cylinder alignment mode
0 = auto (align if bit1)
1 = always align
2 = never align
3 = align external partitions
bit10-13= System area sub type
With type 0 = MBR:
Gets overridden by bit0 and bit1.
0 = no particular sub type
1 = CHRP: A single MBR partition
of type 0x96 covers the ISO
image. Not compatible with
any other feature which
needs to have own MBR
partition entries.
2 = generic MBR
bit14= Only with System area type 0
GRUB2 boot provisions:
Patch system area at byte 92 to
99 with 512-block address + 1
of the first boot image file.
Little-endian 8-byte.
Should be combined with
options bit0.
int patch_system_area; /* Bits as of system_area_options.
to be applied to the loaded system
area of the image, if no
system_area_disk_path and no
system_area_options are set.
/* The number of unclaimed 2K blocks before start of partition 1 as of
the MBR in system area.
If not 0 this will cause double volume descriptor sets and double tree.
uint32_t partition_offset;
/* Partition table parameter: 1 to 63, 0= disabled/default */
int partition_secs_per_head;
/* 1 to 255, 0= disabled/default */
int partition_heads_per_cyl;
/* Disk file paths of content of PreP partition and EFI system partition */
char prep_partition[SfileadrL];
char efi_boot_partition[SfileadrL];
/* Path and type of image files to be appended as MBR partitions */
char *appended_partitions[Xorriso_max_appended_partitionS];
uint8_t appended_part_types[Xorriso_max_appended_partitionS];
/* Eventual name of the non-ISO aspect of the image. E.g. SUN ASCII label.
char ascii_disc_label[Xorriso_disc_label_sizE];
/* A data file of which the position and size shall be written after
a SUN Disk Label.
char grub2_sparc_core[SfileadrL];
/* HFS+ image serial number.
00...00 means that it shall be generated by libisofs.
uint8_t hfsp_serial_number[8];
/* Allocation block size of HFS+ and APM : 0= auto , 512, or 2048
int hfsp_block_size;
int apm_block_size;
/* User settable PVD time stamps */
time_t vol_creation_time;
time_t vol_modification_time;
time_t vol_expiration_time;
time_t vol_effective_time;
/* To eventually override vol_modification_time by unconverted string
and timezone 0 */
char vol_uuid[17];
#ifdef Xorriso_with_libjtE
/* Parameters and state of Jigdo Template Export environment */
struct libjte_env *libjte_handle;
/* List of -jigdo parameters since the most recent -jigdo clear */
struct Xorriso_lsT *jigdo_params;
struct Xorriso_lsT *jigdo_values;
int libjte_params_given; /* bits: 0= outfile , 1= verbosity , 2= template_path
3= jigdo_path , 4= md5_path , 5= min_size
6= checksum_iso , 7= checksum_template
8= compression , 9= exclude , 10= demand_md5
11= mapping
/* LBA of boot image after image loading */
int loaded_boot_bin_lba;
/* Path of the catalog node after image loading */
char loaded_boot_cat_path[SfileadrL];
/* XORRISO options */
int allow_graft_points;
int allow_restore; /* -2=disallowed until special mode "unblock"
-1=permanently disallowed
0=disallowed, 1=allowed, 2=device files allowed */
int do_concat_split; /* 1= restore complete split file directories as
regular files
int do_auto_chmod; /* 1= eventually temporarily open access permissions
of self-owned directories during restore
int do_restore_sort_lba; /* 1= restore via node_array rather than via
tree traversal. Better read performance,
no directory mtime restore, needs do_auto_chmod
int do_strict_acl; /* bit0= do not tolerate inappropriate presence or
absence of directory "default" ACL
int mount_opts_flag; /* bit0= "shared" = not "exclusive"
Try to emit non-exclusive mount command.
Do not give up drives.
Linux: use loop device even on block devices
in order to circumvent the ban to mount a
device twice (with different sbsector=)
FreeBSD: ?
int dialog; /* 0=off , 1=single-line , 2=multi-line */
struct Xorriso_lsT *buffered_dialog; /* If not NULL : read by dialog */
int bsl_interpretation;
/* whether to run input through Sfile_bsl_interpreter():
bit0-1= dialog and quoted file reading
0= no interpretation, leave unchanged
1= only inside double quotes
2= outside single quotes
3= everywhere
bit2-3= reserved as future expansion of bit0-1
bit4= interpretation within program start arguments
bit5= perform backslash encoding with results
bit6= perform backslash encoding with info texts
int sh_style_result; /* Whether not to wrap into quotation marks the file
addresses reported by:
pwd pwdx ls lsd lsl lsdl lsx lsdx lslx lsdlx
du dus dux dusx findx find
and to make du* numbers left adjusted,
and not to append "/" to pwd*
/* Pattern matching facility. It still carries legacy from scdbackup/askme.c
but is fully functional for xorriso.
int search_mode;
/* 0= start text
1= fgrep ,
2= regular expression
3= (eventually structured) shell parser expression
4= shell parser expression for leaf name
int structured_search;
/* 0= flat text search
1= '/' is a significant separator that cannot be matched by wildcards
( 2= like 1 : but report only occurence in tree, no payload, no location )
( 3= like 2 : but report first content level of matching directories )
4= actually not structured but unique find mode (with search_mode 4)
int do_iso_rr_pattern; /* 0=off, 1=on, 2=ls */
int do_disk_pattern; /* 0=off, 1=on, 2=ls */
int temp_mem_limit;
off_t file_size_limit;
struct ExclusionS *disk_exclusions;
int disk_excl_mode; /* bit0= on (else off)
bit1= parameter too (else rekursion only)
bit2= whole subtree banned (else only exact path)
bit3= when comparing ignore excluded files rather
than to treat them as truely missing on disk
struct ExclusionS *iso_rr_hidings;
struct ExclusionS *joliet_hidings;
struct ExclusionS *hfsplus_hidings;
int use_stdin; /* use raw stdin even if readline support is compiled */
int tolerate_stdin_eof; /* Do not abort on EOF in Xorriso_dialog_input
but rather return -2. */
int result_page_length;
int result_page_width;
char mark_text[SfileadrL]; /* ( stdout+stderr, M: ) */
int packet_output;
char logfile[4][SfileadrL];
FILE *logfile_fp[4];
FILE *pktlog_fp;
FILE *stderr_fp;
struct Xorriso_lsT *result_msglists[Xorriso_max_outlist_stacK];
struct Xorriso_lsT *info_msglists[Xorriso_max_outlist_stacK];
int msglist_flags[Xorriso_max_outlist_stacK]; /* bit0= result is redirected
bit1= info is redirected
int msglist_stackfill;
int lib_msg_queue_lock_ini;
int result_msglists_lock_ini;
pthread_mutex_t lib_msg_queue_lock;
pthread_mutex_t result_msglists_lock;
int write_to_channel_lock_ini;
pthread_mutex_t write_to_channel_lock;
int msg_watcher_lock_ini;
pthread_mutex_t msg_watcher_lock;
int msg_watcher_state; /* 0= inactive
1= registered
2= started
3= request to end
int (*msgw_result_handler)(void *handle, char *text);
void *msgw_result_handle;
int (*msgw_info_handler)(void *handle, char *text);
void *msgw_info_handle;
int msgw_stack_handle;
int msgw_msg_pending; /* 0=no, 1=fetching(i.e. maybe) , 2=yes */
int msgw_fetch_lock_ini;
pthread_mutex_t msgw_fetch_lock;
struct Xorriso_msg_sievE *msg_sieve;
int msg_sieve_disabled;
int status_history_max; /* for -status long_history */
/* 0= no logging of SCSI commands, 1= to stderr */
int scsi_log;
char report_about_text[20];
int report_about_severity;
int library_msg_direct_print;
char abort_on_text[20];
int abort_on_severity; /* A severity rank number as threshold */
int abort_on_is_default; /* will be set to 0 by first -abort_on */
int problem_status; /* Severity rank number. 0= no abort condition present */
char problem_status_text[20];
int problem_status_lock_ini;
pthread_mutex_t problem_status_lock;
char errfile_log[SfileadrL]; /* for -errfile_log */
int errfile_mode; /* bit0= marked */
FILE *errfile_fp;
int img_read_error_mode; /* 0=best_effort , 1=failure , 2=fatal */
int extract_error_mode; /* 0=best_effort , 1=keep , 2=delete */
char return_with_text[20];
int return_with_severity;
int return_with_value;
int eternal_problem_status;
char eternal_problem_status_text[20];
/* temporary search facilities */
regex_t *re;
regmatch_t match[1];
char **re_constants;
int re_count;
int re_fill;
char reg_expr[2*SfileadrL];
/* run state */
int run_state; /* 0=preparing , 1=writing image */
int is_dialog;
int bar_is_fresh;
char pending_option[SfileadrL]; /* eventual option entered at page prompt */
int request_to_abort; /* abort a single operation like -ls, not the program */
int request_not_to_ask; /* suppress reassure and pager */
double idle_time;
int re_failed_at; /* mismatch position with structured_search */
int prepended_wd;
double insert_count;
double insert_bytes;
double error_count; /* double will not roll over */
int launch_frontend_banned;
/* pacifiers */
int pacifier_style; /* 0= xorriso, 1=mkisofs 2=cdrecord */
double pacifier_interval;
double start_time;
double last_update_time;
/* optional global counters for brain reduced callback functions */
off_t pacifier_count;
off_t pacifier_total;
off_t pacifier_byte_count; /* auxiliary counter for data bytes */
off_t pacifier_prev_count; /* internal counter for speed measurement */
void *pacifier_fifo;
int find_compare_result; /* 1=everything matches , 0=mismatch , -1=error */
int find_check_md5_result; /* bit0= seen mismatch
bit1= seen error
bit2= seen data file without MD5
bit3= seen match
double last_abort_file_time; /* most recent check for aborting -check_md5 */
/* Tree node collection and LBA sorting facility */
int node_counter;
int node_array_size;
void **node_array;
struct Xorriso_lsT *node_disk_prefixes;
struct Xorriso_lsT *node_img_prefixes;
/* Hardlink matching at restore time memorizes hardlink target paths.
Array of nodes sorted by LBA. */
int hln_count;
void **hln_array;
void **hln_targets;
int hln_change_pending; /* whether a change was made since hln creation */
/* >>> this should count all temp_mem and thus change its name */
off_t node_targets_availmem;
/* Hardlink matching at update time:
Array of all nodes in the tree, sorted by disk dev,ino.
Bitmap of nodes which possibly got new hardlink siblings.
List of involved disk-iso path pairs. */
int di_count;
void **di_array;
char *di_do_widen;
struct Xorriso_lsT *di_disk_paths;
struct Xorriso_lsT *di_iso_paths;
struct PermiteM *perm_stack; /* Temporarily altered dir access permissions */
/* bit0= update_merge active: mark all newly added nodes as visited+found
int update_flags;
/* result (stdout, R: ) */
char result_line[10*SfileadrL];
int result_line_counter;
int result_page_counter;
int result_open_line_len;
/* info (stderr, I:) */
char info_text[10*SfileadrL];
#include "base_obj.h"
#include "aux_objects.h"
#include "findjob.h"
#include "check_media.h"
#include "misc_funct.h"
#include "text_io.h"
#include "match.h"
#include "emulators.h"
#include "disk_ops.h"
#include "cmp_update.h"
#include "parse_exec.h"
#endif /* Xorriso_private_includeD */