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Thomas Schmitt 27af40a303
Version leap to libisoburn-1.1.5
12 years ago
burn_wrap.c Bug fix: xorriso native mode on some drives wrote unreadble ISO images to CD 12 years ago
data_source.c New API calls isoburn_ropt_set_displacement(), isoburn_ropt_get_displacement() 12 years ago
isoburn.c Bug fix: Since 1.0.6: Unreadable image produced by: xorrisofs ... >image.iso 12 years ago
isoburn.h Avoiding repeated PVD read attempts if first reading of PVD yielded error 12 years ago
isofs_wrap.c Recognizing overwritable media, blanked by cdrskin --grow_overwriteable_iso 12 years ago
libisoburn.h Version leap to libisoburn-1.1.5 12 years ago
libisoburn.ver New option -list_speeds 12 years ago