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/* xorriso - creates, loads, manipulates and burns ISO 9660 filesystem images.
Copyright 2007-2010 Thomas Schmitt, <>
Provided under GPL version 2 or later.
This file contains the implementation of functions for pattern matching.
#ifndef Xorriso_pvt_match_includeD
#define Xorriso_pvt_match_includeD yes
int Xorriso_prepare_regex(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *adr, int flag);
/* @return 0=match , else no match
int Xorriso_regexec(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *to_match, int *failed_at,
int flag);
int Xorriso_is_in_patternlist(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
struct Xorriso_lsT *patternlist, char *path, int flag);
char *Xorriso_get_pattern(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
struct Xorriso_lsT *patternlist, int index, int flag);
int Xorriso_prepare_expansion_pattern(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *pattern,
int flag);
/* @param flag bit0= count results rather than storing them
@return <=0 error , 1 is root (end processing) ,
2 is not root (go on processing)
int Xorriso_check_for_root_pattern(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
int *filec, char **filev, int count_limit, off_t *mem, int flag);
/* @param flag bit0= count result rather than storing it
bit1= unexpected change of number is a FATAL event
int Xorriso_register_matched_adr(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
char *adr, int count_limit,
int *filec, char **filev, off_t *mem, int flag);
int Xorriso_eval_nonmatch(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *pattern,
int *nonconst_mismatches, off_t *mem, int flag);
/* @param flag bit0= a match count !=1 is a SORRY event
int Xorriso_check_matchcount(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
int count, int nonconst_mismatches, int num_patterns,
char **patterns, int flag);
int Xorriso_no_pattern_memory(struct XorrisO *xorriso, off_t mem, int flag);
int Xorriso_alloc_pattern_mem(struct XorrisO *xorriso, off_t mem,
int count, char ***filev, int flag);
/* @param flag bit0= command without pattern capability
bit1= disk_pattern rather than iso_rr_pattern
int Xorriso_warn_of_wildcards(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *path, int flag);
/* @param flag bit0= a match count !=1 is a FAILURE event
bit1= with bit0 tolerate 0 matches if pattern is a constant
int Xorriso_expand_disk_pattern(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
int num_patterns, char **patterns, int extra_filec,
int *filec, char ***filev, off_t *mem, int flag);
#endif /* ! Xorriso_pvt_match_includeD */