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* Invent an interpreter to read options from config files and sets the variables
or use confget ( )
* Write a common configuration facility.
* Merge 'merge_into_isocontent' into 'releng_isocontent' (former hardlinks)
Extend it to use some more demanding directory tree.
MD5s should be checked. ACLs and xattr (if we are on Linux).
All file types as of stat(2) should be tested.
* We need to give a hint about how much storage space will be consumed.
* We could mark all own stderr messages by a prefix like "===".
* Burning tests ideas/thoughts by Thomas:
> There will have to be a warning and user input before we load
> the drive tray. -dev, -indev, -oudev do this loading which can
> cause finger injury, psychical trauma, and chuting computers.
> Further if we want to have a burn test (with MD5 and checkreading)
> then we will need configuration means to enable this. By default
> it should not risk to burn one-time media which sit in the drive
> by mere accident.