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* Merge 'merge_into_isocontent' into 'auto_isocontent' (former hardlinks)
Extend it to use some more demanding directory tree.
MD5s should be checked. ACLs and xattr (if we are on Linux).
All file types as of stat(2) should be tested.
* Also check as many as possible trivial operations like:
xorriso -indev file.iso -pvd_info
* Burning tests - maybe a new 'manual_burning' test?
Further if we want to have a burn test (with MD5 and checkreading)
then we will need configuration means to enable this. By default
it should not risk to burn one-time media which sit in the drive
by mere accident.
* Investigate the possibility to write some cunit-based tests
( for both xorriso.h and libisoburn.h API's.
The code samples could be dumped into codesamples/ directory and run by
auto_cxx or separate auto_ script.
* Try to convert most examples from xorriso(1) manpage into tests.