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Release Engineering Che[at|ck] List
Automated tests
TEST: Tests starting with releng_* are runnable by run_all_releng
FILE: libisoburn/releng/releng_*
WHO: george, thomas

TEST: cppcheck
WHO: george, thomas

TEST: medistimator (dialog mode, size estimation, processing large trees)
requires some specific knowledge of how the tool works, to interpret
the results and compare them previous runs (see comments in the source).
WHO: george, thomas

Non-automated tests
TEST: valgrind
WHO: george, thomas

TEST: buildd_logs
FILE: (others are also welcome)
FILE: (err/warn from prev. builds for several h/w architectures and kernels: linux, kfreebsd, hurd)
WHO: george, thomas

TEST: gprof
FILE: CFLAGS=-pg ./configure && make
FILE: run resulting executable; gmon.out to be created in current cirectory
FILE: gprof path/to/xorriso gmon.out > gprof.out
WHO: george, thomas