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# - ts A80118
# Generates a HTML version of man page xorriso.1
# To be executed in the libisoburn toplevel directory (eg. ./libisoburn-0.1.0)
# set -x
export MANPATH="$man_dir"
if test -r "$man_dir"/"$manpage".1
echo "Cannot find readable man page source $1" >&2
exit 1
if test -e "$man_dir"/man1
ln -s . "$man_dir"/man1
if test "$1" = "-work_as_filter"
# set -x
sed \
-e 's/<meta name="generator" content="groff -Thtml, see">/<meta name="generator" content="groff -Thtml, via man -H, via xorriso\/">/' \
-e 's/<meta name="Content-Style" content="text\/css">/<meta name="Content-Style" content="text\/css"><META NAME="description" CONTENT="man page of xorriso"><META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="man xorriso, manual, xorriso, CD, CD-RW, CD-R, burning, cdrecord, compatible"><META NAME="robots" CONTENT="follow">/' \
-e 's/<title>XORRISO<\/title>/<title>man 1 xorriso<\/title>/' \
-e 's/<h1 align=center>XORRISO<\/h1>/<h1 align=center>man 1 xorriso<\/h1>/' \
-e 's/<body>/<body BGCOLOR="#F5DEB3" TEXT=#000000 LINK=#0000A0 VLINK=#800000>/' \
-e 's/<b>Overview of features:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Overview of features:<\/b>/' \
-e 's/<b>General information paragraphs:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>General information paragraphs:<\/b>/' \
-e 's/have a look at section EXAMPLES/have a look at section <A HREF="#EXAMPLES">EXAMPLES<\/A>/' \
-e 's/<b>Session model:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Session model:<\/b>/' \
-e 's/<b>Media types and states:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Media types and states:<\/b>/' \
-e 's/<b>Creating, Growing, Modifying, Blind/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Creating, Growing, Modifying, Blind/' \
-e 's/<b>Libburn drives:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Libburn drives:<\/b>/' \
-e 's/^-dev /\&nbsp;\&nbsp;-dev /' \
-e 's/^-devices /\&nbsp;\&nbsp;-devices /' \
-e 's/<b>Rock Ridge, POSIX, X\/Open, El Torito, ACL,/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Rock Ridge, POSIX, X\/Open, El Torito, ACL,/' \
-e 's/<b>Command processing:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Command processing:<\/b>/' \
-e 's/<b>Dialog, Readline, Result pager:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Dialog, Readline, Result pager:<\/b>/' \
-e 's/<b>Aquiring source and target drive:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Aquiring source and target drive:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Influencing the behavior of image/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Influencing the behavior of image/' \
-e 's/<b>Inserting files into ISO image:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Inserting files into ISO image:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>File manipulations:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>File manipulations:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Tree traversal command -find:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Tree traversal command -find:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/^<p><b>&minus;iso_rr_pattern/<p>\&nbsp;<BR><b>\&minus;iso_rr_pattern/' \
-e 's/EXAMPLES):<br>/<A HREF="#EXAMPLES">EXAMPLES<\/A>):<br>/' \
-e 's/<b>Filters for data file content:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Filters for data file content:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Writing the result, drive control:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Writing the result, drive control:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/^-find \/ /\&nbsp;\&nbsp;-find \/ /' \
-e 's/<b>Settings for file insertion:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Settings for file insertion:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/^$<\/b> ln -s/\&nbsp;\&nbsp;$<\/b> ln -s/' \
-e 's/<b>Settings for result writing:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Settings for result writing:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/^706k = 706kB/\&nbsp;\&nbsp;706k = 706kB/' \
-e 's/^5540k = 5540kB/\&nbsp;\&nbsp;5540k = 5540kB/' \
-e 's/<b>Character sets:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Character sets:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Exception processing:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Exception processing:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>El Torito bootable ISO images:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>El Torito bootable ISO images:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Dialog mode control:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Dialog mode control:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Drive and media related inquiry actions:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Drive and media related inquiry actions:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Navigation in ISO image/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Navigation in ISO image/' \
-e 's/^filesystem:<\/b>/filesystem:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Evaluation of readability and recovery:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Evaluation of readability and recovery:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>osirrox ISO-to-disk restore options:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>osirrox ISO-to-disk restore options:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Command compatibility emulations:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Command compatibility emulations:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/^<p><b>&minus;as</<p>\&nbsp;<BR><b>\&minus;as</' \
-e 's/<b>Scripting, dialog and/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Scripting, dialog and/' \
-e 's/^features:<\/b>/features:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Support for frontend/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Support for frontend/' \
-e 's/^listening at stdout:<\/b>/listening at stdout:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/xorriso -outdev \/dev\/sr2 \\ -blank fast \\ -pathspecs on/xorriso -outdev \/dev\/sr2 -blank fast -pathspecs on/' \
-e 's/\\ -add \\ \/sounds=\/home\/me\/sounds \\ \/pictures \\ -- \\ -rm_r \\/ -add \/sounds=\/home\/me\/sounds \/pictures -- -rm_r /' \
-e 's/\/sounds\/indecent \\ \&rsquo;\/pictures\/\*private\*\&rsquo; \\/\/sounds\/indecent \&rsquo;\/pictures\/*private*\&rsquo; /' \
-e 's/\/pictures\/confidential \\ -- \\ -add \\/\/pictures\/confidential -- -add/' \
-e 's/xorriso -dev \/dev\/sr2 \\ -rm_r \/sounds -- \\ -mv \\/xorriso -dev \/dev\/sr2 -rm_r \/sounds -- -mv /' \
-e 's/\/pictures\/confidential \\ \/pictures\/restricted \\ -- \\ -chmod/\/pictures\/confidential \/pictures\/restricted -- -chmod/' \
-e 's/go-rwx \/pictures\/restricted -- \\ -pathsspecs on \\ -add \\/go-rwx \/pictures\/restricted -- -pathsspecs on -add /' \
-e 's/\/sounds=\/home\/me\/prepared_for_dvd\/sounds_dummy /\/sounds=\/home\/me\/prepared_for_dvd\/sounds_dummy/' \
-e 's/\/movies=\/home\/me\/prepared_for_dvd\/movies \\ -- \\ -commit/\/movies=\/home\/me\/prepared_for_dvd\/movies -- -commit/' \
-e 's/xorriso -indev \/dev\/sr2 \\ -rm_r \/sounds -- \\/xorriso -indev \/dev\/sr2 -rm_r \/sounds -- /' \
-e 's/-outdev \/dev\/sr0 -blank fast \\ -commit -eject all/-outdev \/dev\/sr0 -blank fast -commit -eject all/' \
-e 's/See section FILES/See section <A HREF="#FILES">FILES<\/A>/' \
-e 's/See section EXAMPLES/See section <A HREF="#EXAMPLES">EXAMPLES<\/A>/' \
-e 's/<\/body>/<BR><HR><FONT SIZE=-1><CENTER>(HTML generated from '"$manpage"'.1 on '"$(date)"' by '$(basename "$0")' )<\/CENTER><\/FONT><\/body>/' \
<"$2" >"$htmlpage"
set +x
chmod u+rw,go+r,go-w "$htmlpage"
echo "Emerged file:"
ls -lL "$htmlpage"
export BROWSER='cp "%s" '"$raw_html"
man -H "$manpage"
"$0" -work_as_filter "$raw_html"
rm "$raw_html"
rm "$man_dir"/man1