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Thomas Schmitt 7586fa80db
Now requiring libburn-1.3.3
9 years ago
burn_wrap.c Reacted on warnings of Debian buildd with clang 10 years ago
data_source.c Reacted on warnings of cppcheck 11 years ago
isoburn.c New options bit with isoburn_igopt_set_system_area() for GRUB2 MBR patching 10 years ago
isoburn.h New API call isoburn_toc_disc_get_incmpl_sess() 10 years ago
isofs_wrap.c Fixed a small memory leak in case of failed ISO image reading 11 years ago
libisoburn.h Now requiring libburn-1.3.3 9 years ago
libisoburn.ver New command -application_use 10 years ago