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/* xorriso - creates, loads, manipulates and burns ISO 9660 filesystem images.
Copyright 2007-2011 Thomas Schmitt, <>
Provided under GPL version 2 or later.
This file contains declarations of classes SpotlistiteM, SpotlisT,
SectorbitmaP, CheckmediajoB which represent media checks and their outcome.
#ifndef Xorriso_pvt_check_includeD
#define Xorriso_pvt_check_includeD yes
struct SpotlisT; /* List of intervals with different read qualities */
struct CheckmediajoB; /* Parameters for Xorriso_check_media() */
int Xorriso_check_media_setup_job(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
struct CheckmediajoB *job,
char **argv, int old_idx, int end_idx, int flag);
int Xorriso_sectormap_to_spotlist(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
struct CheckmediajoB *job,
struct SpotlisT **spotlist,
int flag);
/* @param flag bit0= mark untested areas as valid
int Xorriso_spotlist_to_sectormap(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
struct SpotlisT *spotlist,
int read_chunk,
struct SectorbitmaP **map,
int flag);
/* Opens the -check_media data copy in for reading and writing
int Xorriso_open_job_data_to(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
struct CheckmediajoB *job, int flag);
/* @param report Buffer of at least 10*SfileadrL
@param flag bit0= only report non-default settings
@return <=0 error , 1 ok , 2 with bit0: every option is on default setting
int Xorriso_check_media_list_job(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
struct CheckmediajoB *job,
char *report, int flag);
int Xorriso_update_in_sector_map(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
struct SpotlisT *spotlist, int read_chunk,
struct CheckmediajoB *job, int flag);
/* Distiniction between valid and invalid sectors */
struct SectorbitmaP {
int sectors;
int sector_size;
unsigned char *map;
int map_size;
int Spotlist_new(struct SpotlisT **o, int flag);
int Spotlist_destroy(struct SpotlisT **o, int flag);
int Spotlist_add_item(struct SpotlisT *o, int start_lba, int blocks,
int quality, int flag);
int Spotlist_count(struct SpotlisT *o, int flag);
int Spotlist_block_count(struct SpotlisT *o, int flag);
int Spotlist_sector_size(struct SpotlisT *o, int read_chunk, int flag);
int Spotlist_get_item(struct SpotlisT *o, int idx,
int *start_lba, int *blocks, int *quality, int flag);
char *Spotlist__quality_name(int quality, char name[80], int bad_limit,
int flag);
#define Xorriso_read_quality_gooD 0x7fffffff
#define Xorriso_read_quality_md5_matcH 0x70000000
#define Xorriso_read_quality_sloW 0x60000000
#define Xorriso_read_quality_partiaL 0x50000000
#define Xorriso_read_quality_valiD 0x40000000
#define Xorriso_read_quality_untesteD 0x3fffffff
#define Xorriso_read_quality_invaliD 0x3ffffffe
#define Xorriso_read_quality_tao_enD 0x28000000
#define Xorriso_read_quality_off_tracK 0x20000000
#define Xorriso_read_quality_md5_mismatcH 0x10000000
#define Xorriso_read_quality_unreadablE 0x00000000
struct CheckmediajoB {
int use_dev; /* 0= use indev , 1= use outdev , 2= use sector map*/
int min_lba; /* if >=0 : begin checking at this address */
int max_lba; /* if >=0 : read up to this address, else use mode */
int min_block_size; /* granularity desired by user
int async_chunks; /* >= 2 : run MD5 thread, use given number of chunks
else : synchronous
int mode; /* 0= track by track
1= single sweep over libisoburn medium capacity
2= single sweep over libburn medium capacity
time_t start_time;
int time_limit; /* Number of seconds after which to abort */
int item_limit; /* Maximum number of medium check list items as result */
char abort_file_path[SfileadrL];
char data_to_path[SfileadrL];
int data_to_fd;
off_t data_to_offset; /* usually 0 with image copy, negative with file copy */
off_t data_to_limit; /* used with file copy */
int patch_lba0;
int patch_lba0_msc1;
char sector_map_path[SfileadrL];
struct SectorbitmaP *sector_map;
int map_with_volid; /* 0=add quick toc to map file,
1=read ISO heads for toc
int retry; /* -1= only try full read_chunk, 1=retry with 2k blocks
0= retry with CD, full chunk else
int report_mode; /* 0= print MCL items
1= print damaged files
char event_severity[20]; /* If not "ALL": trigger event of given severity
at the end of a check job if bad blocks were
double slow_threshold_seq; /* Time limit in seconds for the decision whether
a read operation is considered slow. This does
not apply to thr first read of an interval.
int untested_valid; /* 1= mark untested data blocks as valid when calling
int Checkmediajob_new(struct CheckmediajoB **o, int flag);
int Checkmediajob_destroy(struct CheckmediajoB **o, int flag);
int Checkmediajob_copy(struct CheckmediajoB *from, struct CheckmediajoB *to,
int flag);
int Sectorbitmap_new(struct SectorbitmaP **o, int sectors, int sector_size,
int flag);
int Sectorbitmap_destroy(struct SectorbitmaP **o, int flag);
int Sectorbitmap_from_file(struct SectorbitmaP **o, char *path, char *msg,
int *os_errno, int flag);
int Sectorbitmap_to_file(struct SectorbitmaP *o, char *path, char *info,
char *msg, int *os_errno, int flag);
int Sectorbitmap_set(struct SectorbitmaP *o, int sector, int flag);
int Sectorbitmap_set_range(struct SectorbitmaP *o,
int start_sector, int sectors, int flag);
int Sectorbitmap_is_set(struct SectorbitmaP *o, int sector, int flag);
int Sectorbitmap_bytes_are_set(struct SectorbitmaP *o,
off_t start_byte, off_t end_byte, int flag);
int Sectorbitmap_get_layout(struct SectorbitmaP *o,
int *sectors, int *sector_size, int flag);
int Sectorbitmap_copy(struct SectorbitmaP *from, struct SectorbitmaP *to,
int flag);
int Sectorbitmap_clone(struct SectorbitmaP *from, struct SectorbitmaP **clone,
int flag);
#endif /* ! Xorriso_pvt_check_includeD */