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/* xorriso - creates, loads, manipulates and burns ISO 9660 filesystem images.
Copyright 2007-2010 Thomas Schmitt, <>
Provided under GPL version 2 or later.
This file contains declarations of class DirseQ which
crawls along a directory's content list.
#ifndef Xorriso_pvt_diskop_includeD
#define Xorriso_pvt_diskop_includeD yes
/* @param flag bit0= simple readlink(): no normalization, no multi-hop
int Xorriso_resolve_link(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
char *link_path, char result_path[SfileadrL], int flag);
int Xorriso_convert_gidstring(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *gid_string,
gid_t *gid, int flag);
int Xorriso_convert_modstring(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *cmd, char *mode,
mode_t *mode_and, mode_t *mode_or, int flag);
int Xorriso_convert_uidstring(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *uid_string,
uid_t *uid, int flag);
/* @param flag bit0= for Xorriso_msgs_submit: use pager
int Xorriso_hop_link(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *link_path,
struct LinkiteM **link_stack, struct stat *stbuf, int flag);
int Xorriso__mode_to_perms(mode_t st_mode, char perms[11], int flag);
int Xorriso_format_ls_l(struct XorrisO *xorriso, struct stat *stbuf, int flag);
/* @param flag bit0= long format
bit1= do not print count of nodes
bit2= du format
bit3= print directories as themselves (ls -d)
int Xorriso_lsx_filev(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *wd,
int filec, char **filev, off_t boss_mem, int flag);
@param flag >>> bit0= remove whole sub tree: rm -r
bit1= remove empty directory: rmdir
bit2= recursion: do not reassure in mode 2 "tree"
bit3= this is for overwriting and not for plain removal
bit4= count deleted files in xorriso->pacifier_count
bit5= with bit0 only remove directory content, not the directory
@return <=0 = error
1 = removed leaf file object
2 = removed directory or tree
3 = did not remove on user revocation
int Xorriso_rmx(struct XorrisO *xorriso, off_t boss_mem, char *path, int flag);
int Xorriso_findx(struct XorrisO *xorriso, struct FindjoB *job,
char *abs_dir_parm, char *dir_path,
struct stat *dir_stbuf, int depth,
struct LinkiteM *link_stack, int flag);
/* @param flag bit0= no hardlink reconstruction
bit1= do not set xorriso->node_*_prefixes
bit5= -extract_single: eventually do not insert directory tree
int Xorriso_restore_sorted(struct XorrisO *xorriso, int count,
char **src_array, char **tgt_array,
int *problem_count, int flag);
/* @param flag bit0= path is a directory
bit2= recursion: do not reassure in mode 2 "tree"
bit3= this is for overwriting and not for plain removal
int Xorriso_reassure_restore(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *path, int flag);
/* @param flag bit7= return 4 if restore fails from denied permission
do not issue error message
@return <=0 failure , 1 success ,
4 with bit7: permission to create file was denied
int Xorriso_make_tmp_path(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *orig_path,
char *tmp_path, int *fd, int flag);
/* @param flag bit0= change regardless of xorriso->do_auto_chmod
bit1= desired is only rx
int Xorriso_auto_chmod(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *disk_path, int flag);
int Xorriso_make_accessible(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *disk_path,int flag);
/* @param flag bit0= prefer to find a match after *img_prefixes
(but deliver img_prefixes if no other can be found)
int Xorriso_make_restore_path(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
struct Xorriso_lsT **img_prefixes, struct Xorriso_lsT **disk_prefixes,
char img_path[SfileadrL], char disk_path[SfileadrL], int flag);
int Xorriso_restore_make_hl(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
char *old_path, char *new_path, int flag);
int Xorriso_afile_fopen(struct XorrisO *xorriso,
char *filename, char *mode, FILE **ret_fp, int flag);
int Xorriso_make_mount_cmd(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *cmd,
int lba, int track, int session, char *volid,
char *devadr, char result[SfileadrL], int flag);
int Xorriso_append_scdbackup_record(struct XorrisO *xorriso, int flag);
#endif /* ! Xorriso_pvt_diskop_includeD */