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Support for multiple images
CD reading
[ok] plain iso
[ok] Rock Ridge
[ok] Joliet
Merge RR and Joliet trees
[ok] User options to customize reading
[ok] Read El-Torito info
[ok] Multisession
[ok] DVD+RW image growing
El-Torito images from previous session
Add new el-torito image from prev. session file
Path for isolinux from prev. session
[ok] ISO relaxed contraints
ISO 9660:1998
Support for special files (only dirs, reg. files and symlinks are supported).
[several done]
Test all util.h functions, especially date-related ones
Test for RR read functions
For all
a way to return NULL sources meaning a failure!!
[ok] Error message queue
Better charset support
[ok] default input charset to locale one, no always UTF-8
add charset management on image reading
use iso-8859-1 instead of UTF-8 on RR?
[ok] Improve date handling
for DVD+RW, the VD to be written at the beginning of disc must be
returned as 32KB block
Joliet names need ";1" at the end
RR Continuation Areas can't be in Directory Record block
[ok] Fix mangle names when iso relaxed constraints