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* Copyright (c) 2008 Vreixo Formoso
* This file is part of the libisofs project; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation. See COPYING file for details.
* Definitions of filters.
/* dev_id for stream identification */
typedef struct filter_context FilterContext;
struct filter_context {
int version; /* reserved for future usage, set to 0 */
int refcount;
/** filter specific shared data */
void *data;
* Factory method to create a filtered stream from another stream.
* @param original
* The original stream to be filtered. If the filter needs a ref to
* it (most cases), it should take a ref to it with iso_stream_ref().
* @param filtered
* Will be filled with the filtered IsoStream (reference belongs to
* caller).
* @return
* 1 on success, < 0 on error
int (*get_filter)(FilterContext *filter, IsoStream *original,
IsoStream **filtered);
* Free implementation specific data. Should never be called by user.
* Use iso_filter_unref() instead.
void (*free)(FilterContext *filter);
* @param flag
* Reserved for future usage, pass always 0 for now.
* TODO in a future a different value can mean filter caching, where
* the filter is applied once and the filtered file is stored in a temp
* dir. This prevent filter to be applied several times.
int iso_file_add_filter(IsoFile *file, FilterContext *filter, int flag);
void iso_filter_ref(FilterContext *filter);
void iso_filter_unref(FilterContext *filter);
#endif /*LIBISO_FILTER_H_*/