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Vreixo Formoso 06db9a3c73 Free destination on IsoSymlinks. 2007-12-06 02:13:01 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso f62c34776f Begin implementation of tree operations. 2007-12-06 02:11:05 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 8e7fe9b5a5 Add replace flag to iso_dir_add_node(). 2007-12-05 22:37:57 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 6616eae76b Unref Stream when freeing a IsoFile. 2007-12-03 21:53:20 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso f2deae8503 Set parent of a root node to point to itself.
This way we can ensure a root node is not added to another dir.
2007-12-02 19:08:51 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso c587c79220 Ensure parent is set to NULL on children of a deleted directory. 2007-12-02 19:02:56 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 0c03ad051b Add function to create a new root. 2007-12-02 18:54:55 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 5fa2490a48 Take and remove functions based on iterator. 2007-12-02 17:17:04 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 78fba4c14f Add unit test for dir iteration. Implementation of iso_dir_iter_free(). 2007-12-02 16:39:58 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 5ec93b50f4 Add functions to remove nodes from a dir. Handle deletion of dirs
2007-12-01 02:43:37 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 051538b5c2 Add functions to iterate over directory children. 2007-12-01 02:22:00 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso e068fd1cf6 Getter for number of children in a dir. 2007-12-01 01:45:35 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso a4f283fac6 Functions to add and get a node inside a dir. 2007-12-01 01:42:21 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso efff783602 Added getters/setters from IsoNode permissions and owners. 2007-11-27 20:41:09 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 6c090c9a7b Added more files, mainly beginning of filesystem sources implementation. 2007-11-24 16:58:36 +01:00