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Thomas Schmitt 1195614881 Removed a redundant line of code 2009-05-01 15:02:30 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 1218e6e32d New API call iso_read_opts_set_new_inos() 2009-05-01 15:00:43 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 95381ce258 Made directory inodes persistent during multi-session.
The reason is to produce a continued ino history for eventual incremental
backups from ISO images.
2009-05-01 12:49:37 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 19fd87ef7b Small adjustments in new code after review. 2009-04-29 12:52:32 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt d20da80767 Transfering inode numbers from PX entries to IsoNode during image import
and using these numbers in PX entries during next image generation.
This also answers the concerns about PX without ino in RRIP 1.12
and PX with ino in RRIP 1.10 images produced by mkisofs.
2009-04-28 22:40:15 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 5009d1038d Made early preparations for implementation of hard link persistence 2009-04-26 12:57:17 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 1ae2a39d1d Registered stream types "gzip" and "pizg" 2009-04-24 08:45:03 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 70af4872c9 Clarification of iso_stream_get_source_path() result 2009-04-19 07:10:22 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 71d491ed37 Version leap to 0.6.19 2009-04-17 14:35:30 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt cad3b000cf Forgot to change the doc file names in EXTRA_DIST of 2009-04-16 09:27:36 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt ece42746ec Version leap to 0.6.18 2009-04-15 20:50:34 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 3f90111052 Removed change timestamps of 0.6.17 2009-04-15 16:50:44 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt d87e5721db Removed some development remarks
and implemented skipping of zisofs headers larger than 16 bytes.
2009-04-15 13:22:20 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 00802a1934 New API functions iso_file_add_gzip_filter() and iso_gzip_get_refcounts(). 2009-04-14 22:26:00 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt c2f502b9a8 Silenced a compiler warning with zisofs filter 2009-04-14 11:48:41 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 1f2fd259ae New API call int iso_node_zf_by_magic() for marking pre-compressed data
file nodes which were originally produced by program mkzftree.
2009-04-13 20:51:38 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 9a873ed693 Fixed a bug with non-appending multi-session and zisofs decompression. 2009-04-12 16:21:46 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt ec672ab903 Making sure that ZF fields get appropriately carried on with multi-session
even if osiz filters have been removed.
2009-04-12 13:13:04 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 99ddd5c116 New API functions iso_zisofs_set_params(), iso_zisofs_get_params() 2009-04-11 19:10:37 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 63ddfc1c94 Global reference counters for both zisofs filter types and
new API function iso_zisofs_get_refcounts()
2009-04-11 15:25:40 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 6886777ea0 Installing a zisofs uncompression filter on file from ISO image which bear
a ZF entry. Storing ZF entries during image write if that filter is found
directly on a fsrc stream from the loaded image and content does not get
2009-04-11 14:15:34 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 77591e4546 Using faster compression level
and fixed a bug with uncompression if the last block is all zero.
2009-04-11 07:49:20 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 540df15ec9 Writing ZF entries if filters and image generation mode indicate so. 2009-04-10 22:38:16 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt ce7a5c810f Implemented a zisofs uncompression filter. 2009-04-10 12:16:41 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt a809a87eef New API call iso_file_add_zisofs_filter() (needs -lz and <zlib.h>).
This does not produce ZF entries yet but filtered file content already
suits mkzftree -uF
2009-04-09 16:18:50 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 5732726a27 Some polishing of zisofs documentation. 2009-04-08 09:52:10 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt aae169aeeb Documented the zisofs format by H. Peter Anvin. 2009-04-08 09:10:47 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 1b5328d619 Corrected a remnant "AA" in AAIP specs. 2009-04-07 18:11:30 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt d565ae87f4 Removed dangerous test code of Libisofs_file_src_cmp_non_zerO. 2009-04-07 12:21:35 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 98a6db7f7f Made comparison of file sizes in iso_file_src_cmp() unconditional. 2009-04-07 12:17:52 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 8a0be8ca19 Corrected test of Libisofs_setlocale_in_iniT. 2009-04-07 12:13:22 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt dd1cde0379 Made portability improvement Libisofs_avoid_using_allocA unconditional. 2009-04-07 12:07:48 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt d8d2709de9 Made bug fix Libisofs_rrip_1_10_er_bugfiX unconditional 2009-04-07 11:52:03 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 854a3b8088 Made bug fix Libisofs_external_filters_selecT unconditional 2009-04-07 11:45:17 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt e8f8876ee6 New API function iso_stream_get_source_path() tries to obtain a source
path depending on the stream class.
2009-04-06 14:19:49 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt f709a95fda Some documentation polishing in libisofs.h 2009-04-06 12:25:55 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt d98081f173 (Forgot to store libisofs.h before rev 514) 2009-04-06 09:56:26 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 6389bbbf58 Changed freshly introduced iso_file_get_external_filter()
to iso_stream_get_external_filter().
2009-04-06 09:52:21 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt b27bcc7022 Experiment about select() versus non-blocking i/o. select() lost. 2009-04-05 14:48:03 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt f2b7872fc6 Fixed a bug about detection of failure inside iso_file_add_external_filter() 2009-04-05 12:29:37 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt da125e8f6b Changed sequence of fork and stream opening in
So the child does not inherit the pipe inlets of underlying filters
which would stay open and prevent those underlying filter children
from seeing EOF at their input.
2009-04-05 09:56:12 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 198f6536bc New API call iso_node_lookup_attr()
and new xattr "" for image start timestamp.
2009-04-03 15:34:23 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 437713cd8e Moved storage location of suffix from xorriso into IsoExternalFilterCommand 2009-04-02 18:07:27 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 0a265d9d4f Changed IsoExternalFilterCommand.behavior bit0.
The filter does not get installed if input size is 0.
This resembles more the other behavior bits.
2009-04-02 09:14:21 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 806ea7b82e New component 2009-04-01 17:53:41 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt e7853df2f4 Changed some documentation references from AAIP-1.0 to AAIP-2.0. 2009-03-31 13:00:33 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt ece52dc070 Fixed a false success return value with iso_aa_lookup_attr(). 2009-03-31 12:16:19 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 21de3e2087 Switched from AAIP-1.0 with field "AA" to AAIP-2.0 with field "AL"
because ancient Apple ISO 9660 already used "AA".
Old AAIP-1.0 enhanced images can still be read and luckily their AAIP fields
can be distinguished from eventual Apple AA fields.
2009-03-31 11:40:58 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt d28351c5a4 Adjustment of minimal size for a IsoExternalFilterCommand.behavior bit2 filter 2009-03-29 18:45:00 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 2534be5b5d Implemented IsoExternalFilterCommand.behavior bits 1 and 2
which control revocation due to insufficient size reduction.
2009-03-29 14:37:26 +02:00