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Vreixo Formoso b39d9137e2 Little unit test 2008-02-10 00:45:05 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 626b8cc091 Added unit test for memory stream. 2008-02-10 00:27:28 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 99298c10a4 Move error codes to libisofs.h. Remove error.h header. 2008-01-30 23:43:59 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso b97121a0e9 Support for optionally store timestamps in GMT. 2008-01-27 14:23:59 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso af89d11512 Little unit test. 2008-01-26 17:07:52 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 74c82d181b Add a forgotten version field... 2008-01-26 13:58:56 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso be43181505 More improves and tests for datetime conversion. 2008-01-24 22:18:08 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso e70a20cbc3 Test datetime conversion implementation. 2008-01-23 22:30:37 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 3361e941a6 Replace div_up() and round_up() functions with macros. 2008-01-19 13:45:56 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso fbf590c8a2 Add function for relaxed filenames to directories. 2008-01-13 00:35:58 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso c3582226f3 Function to generate relaxed ISO filenames. 2008-01-12 22:16:38 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso bff5cb9333 More memory leak related fixes in unit tests. 2008-01-12 17:40:36 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 7e8a9b9473 Prevent some memory leaks in unit tests. 2008-01-12 17:32:44 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso b4d76f7925 Add a hash table implementation. 2008-01-12 02:07:16 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 758e2654f8 Change mocked filesystem implementation, used in unit tests. 2008-01-08 21:23:24 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso f9ee153a97 More unit test to check correct RR entries generation for symlinks. 2007-12-30 17:01:51 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 7e66fe43ce Reduce memory usage in low level tree, by storing dir info separately. 2007-12-29 18:30:59 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 5b856cf40b More RR unit tests. 2007-12-29 01:40:40 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 9a90afcf69 Support for setting an output charset for RR NM entries.
It will default to input charset (i.e. the locale charset for now). 
Names will be stored internally in that locale charset. Note that input 
charset musn't be changed by user. Instead, we can provide an input 
charset property to IsoFilesystem implementations.
2007-12-28 00:20:02 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso c3ded11773 Util function to convert string charset. 2007-12-27 21:11:29 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso a8636eaa60 Support for setting default modes for files and dirs. 2007-12-27 18:10:14 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso c9957cb25e Some unit test for RR/SUSP entries generation and size calculation. 2007-12-27 00:45:44 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso dd97f67ee4 Add functions to read timestamps from ISO images. 2007-12-27 00:29:12 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso aae230a321 Add util functions to deal with ISO types. 2007-12-27 00:19:09 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 54038ec54b Functions to add RR/SUSP entries. Fix little bugs. 2007-12-25 17:53:17 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 9ec475a900 Change iso name conversion functions back to old style. 2007-12-22 20:49:30 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso a161f4249c Improve IsoFileSource interface implementation. 2007-12-20 20:47:39 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso e6bd1586d6 Replace glibc tsearch() with a custom red-black tree implementation.
The library supplied tree estructure is not enought for our needs, due to its
limited API. Thus, we have implemented a suitable red-black tree.
2007-12-20 00:25:25 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 115da82c9e First util functions, with corresponding unit test. 2007-12-13 21:02:36 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso b03fbf0ee0 Implement function to get node from path on image. Little unit test too. 2007-12-08 01:39:31 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 27670f8d3a More tests related with iso tree. 2007-12-07 22:20:14 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 7d417e9fa6 Added a mocked filesystem to simulate a real filesystem in tests. 2007-12-07 17:29:27 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 7f9c5c9065 Unit test for tree functions. Little fixes. 2007-12-06 22:45:16 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso dad43d9ede Add some unit tests related to IsoNode. 2007-12-06 16:19:14 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso d916b60172 Add getters and setters for image properties, together with unit tests. 2007-12-02 19:49:11 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso baa6238579 Unit test for iso_node_take(). 2007-12-02 17:01:12 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 78fba4c14f Add unit test for dir iteration. Implementation of iso_dir_iter_free(). 2007-12-02 16:39:58 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso a4f283fac6 Functions to add and get a node inside a dir. 2007-12-01 01:42:21 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 3c7f1285d6 Add default skel for unit tests. Move test programs to demo. 2007-11-29 22:06:56 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 100919a5cb Fix little bug, close() must mark a file as closed! 2007-11-26 21:46:26 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso db533b2d99 Add a little program to test reading from a file using IsoFileSource. 2007-11-26 21:31:54 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 1478904aaf Implement get_name in FileSource, and add a little test program. 2007-11-26 21:16:38 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 6c090c9a7b Added more files, mainly beginning of filesystem sources implementation. 2007-11-24 16:58:36 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 9ee4e39899 Added build files and first code stub. 2007-11-24 13:14:45 +01:00