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Vreixo Formoso 6616eae76b Unref Stream when freeing a IsoFile. 2007-12-03 21:53:20 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 8edc9f2639 Implementation of IsoStream for IsoFileSources. 2007-12-02 22:04:26 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso b35e090c1b Add stat() function to IsoFileSource interface. 2007-12-02 22:03:29 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 0ba8a7a85e Add message queue facilities. Each IsoImage will have its own msg queue. 2007-12-02 20:11:44 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso d916b60172 Add getters and setters for image properties, together with unit tests. 2007-12-02 19:49:11 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso c83bac7d9e Add IsoImage, equivalent to old libisofs volume and volset.
IsoImage will be a context for image creation and modification.
2007-12-02 19:10:30 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso f2deae8503 Set parent of a root node to point to itself.
This way we can ensure a root node is not added to another dir.
2007-12-02 19:08:51 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso c587c79220 Ensure parent is set to NULL on children of a deleted directory. 2007-12-02 19:02:56 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 0c03ad051b Add function to create a new root. 2007-12-02 18:54:55 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 79c37ff193 Little changes. 2007-12-02 17:59:36 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 5fa2490a48 Take and remove functions based on iterator. 2007-12-02 17:17:04 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso baa6238579 Unit test for iso_node_take(). 2007-12-02 17:01:12 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 78fba4c14f Add unit test for dir iteration. Implementation of iso_dir_iter_free(). 2007-12-02 16:39:58 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 5ec93b50f4 Add functions to remove nodes from a dir. Handle deletion of dirs
2007-12-01 02:43:37 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 051538b5c2 Add functions to iterate over directory children. 2007-12-01 02:22:00 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso e068fd1cf6 Getter for number of children in a dir. 2007-12-01 01:45:35 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso a4f283fac6 Functions to add and get a node inside a dir. 2007-12-01 01:42:21 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 3c7f1285d6 Add default skel for unit tests. Move test programs to demo. 2007-11-29 22:06:56 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso efff783602 Added getters/setters from IsoNode permissions and owners. 2007-11-27 20:41:09 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso b9152421f3 Define and document IsoStream interface. 2007-11-27 00:27:57 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 100919a5cb Fix little bug, close() must mark a file as closed! 2007-11-26 21:46:26 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso db533b2d99 Add a little program to test reading from a file using IsoFileSource. 2007-11-26 21:31:54 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 1478904aaf Implement get_name in FileSource, and add a little test program. 2007-11-26 21:16:38 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso e034f287bf Implement IsoFilesystem to deal with local filesystem. 2007-11-25 19:54:13 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 1bda81869b Add IsoFileSource implementation for local filesystem. 2007-11-25 16:46:21 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 6c090c9a7b Added more files, mainly beginning of filesystem sources implementation. 2007-11-24 16:58:36 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 9ee4e39899 Added build files and first code stub. 2007-11-24 13:14:45 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 4b337281f2 Added eclipse project metainfo.
This is useful if you're using eclipse CDT IDE. You can safety 
ignore/remove these files if you aren't using it.
2007-11-19 21:36:49 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 20a614c8aa Added project files and source folder. 2007-11-19 21:36:16 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 2a4501644c Added a class diagram for burn_source design. 2007-10-15 22:04:30 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso a9e8e05833 Use Streams to simplify El-Torito implementation. 2007-10-14 18:00:02 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso 3fa5bb9068 Add previous session block to File TreeNode. 2007-10-14 17:59:30 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso a61160c7eb Update iso_tree diagram to the new Stream idea. 2007-10-14 17:41:19 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso 081c936c55 Added UML diagram for Streams. 2007-10-14 17:31:08 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso b3d83e4d1f Adding SourceFile impl. and model relation between them a filesystem. 2007-10-14 17:03:15 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso 285de9b44f Little changes. 2007-10-13 20:12:38 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso 1b1f2f5ad9 Add a sequence diagram for the creation of a TreeNode. 2007-10-13 20:03:52 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso a387e4a619 Annotatte the Builder diagram. 2007-10-13 19:37:23 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso b9e1e7e6c3 Added diagram with initial draft of Builder and Filesystem concepts. 2007-10-12 18:58:31 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso f0f6c51b6a Added FileSource to TreeNode. 2007-10-10 19:49:45 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso be5bfd1a88 Implement filters as a chain attached to files. 2007-10-07 21:46:16 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso ebf7aebe7f Let filters work on any kind of files.
Change in the design of filtered files. Now a filtered file can be any 
kind of files, not only for local files. You can even use another 
filtered file as source, feature that let users create chains of 
2007-10-07 20:09:39 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso 98c7c50da1 Add Use Cases and design UML diagram for El-Torito. 2007-10-03 21:42:36 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso eee9579e1f Little changes in iso_tree UML diagram. Generate PNG image of that. 2007-10-03 21:40:58 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso 580fb758e6 Improved UML diagram for iso tree. 2007-10-03 20:43:44 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso 04e4abcfee First UML diagrams of the library design. 2007-10-02 20:43:27 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso 8e6a0219d9 Initial sketch for use cases. 2007-09-30 23:39:29 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso 8adafdea11 Initial commit. First version of Features documentation.
This initial commit only contains some documentation.
2007-09-27 21:57:33 +02:00