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Vreixo Formoso de3c4e4962 Little demo program to test image generation. 15 years ago
Vreixo Formoso 40b27dbacc Initial support for low level ECMA-119 tree.
This only adds the tree creation functions, no sorting and name mangling 
yet. Only plain ECMA-119 supported for now, nor RR, relaxed 
restrictions, etc..

This also adds a little test program.
15 years ago
Vreixo Formoso d10ed353e2 Implement function to recursively add a dir to an iso tree.
This commit also to the following changes:
- create_node() on builder never frees the IsoFileSource, it is responsability 
  of the caller to free it.
- Recursive addition options added to IsoImage (not exposed to public API yet)
- create_node() takes care about follow_symlinks
- Added little demo program to test it.
16 years ago
Vreixo Formoso 3c7f1285d6 Add default skel for unit tests. Move test programs to demo. 16 years ago
Vreixo Formoso db533b2d99 Add a little program to test reading from a file using IsoFileSource. 16 years ago
Vreixo Formoso 1478904aaf Implement get_name in FileSource, and add a little test program. 16 years ago
Vreixo Formoso 9ee4e39899 Added build files and first code stub. 16 years ago