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Thomas Schmitt 49dd9dc993 Closed memory leaks with demo/demo -iso_read and updated.
Inspired by Coverity CID 12561.
2015-10-12 22:49:47 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 93e1fc52d0 Closed memory leaks with demo/demo -iso_ms and updated.
Inspired by Coverity CID 12559 and 12560.
2015-10-12 19:45:46 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 4838cd59a7 Closed more memory leaks with demo/demo -iso_modify. Coverity CID 12558. 2015-10-12 16:46:18 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt d51b1738dd Closed memory leaks with demo/demo -iso_modify and updated it a bit.
Inspired by Coverity CID 12557.
2015-10-12 15:50:43 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 6252ae2065 Overhauled demo/demo -iso_cat. Better error messages. Closed memory leaks.
Instigated by Coverity CID 12555.
2015-10-12 14:14:14 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 0611f468c2 Fixed buffer overflow in demo/demo.c with gesture -iso_read.
Debian bug 774147. Thanks to Jakub Wilk.
2014-12-29 15:08:47 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt b41e36365d Fixed a write to array index -1 with demo/demo -tree 2014-02-16 14:31:33 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt d8a56f60ef Interpreting the return values of fwrite() in demo/demo.c 2011-03-11 09:09:39 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt ba11413a6f Corrected several memory leaks and potential NULL pointer evaluations
in case of memory shortage. All reported by George Danchev.
2010-09-01 10:45:10 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt fe45249e9e Gave up use of alloca() in favor of calloc() and free(),
because alloca.h is needed on Solaris and not available on FreeBSD.
2010-07-05 19:14:47 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 73bc3ae512 Include file alloca.h was missing in demo program 2010-07-01 13:50:42 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt 23d3c43022 Removed more occurences of old restriction to GPLv2. 2010-01-27 06:48:59 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt cbb376a137 Introduced a default definition for PATH_MAX. 2009-12-31 08:48:51 +01:00
Thomas Schmitt 55690756ae Consolidated demo code for having less linker mesages with a make run. 2009-08-07 21:52:42 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt bbbe89166d Removed non-API demo programs from and
silenced compiler warnings of remaining demo programs.
2009-08-06 11:26:38 +02:00
Thomas Schmitt c1ba7d93d9 Removed dependencies of libburn where possible and removed
the remaining demo/iso_grow.c from
2009-02-18 10:29:26 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 68419703d7 Added iso_image_update_sizes() API.
This requires increasing IsoStreamIface version, as we need to add a new 
method on it. API/ABI remains compatible with older version.
2008-09-07 16:32:18 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso 87f08d27ac Add support for reading Level 3 images. 2008-08-19 01:08:46 +02:00
Vreixo Formoso 7b0da1ecd6 Add a function to get the path of a node in the IsoImage. 2008-03-17 21:42:44 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 085f6b64a3 Add find condition to logically combine two find conditions. 2008-03-04 01:10:56 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso cb47296913 Preliminary support for find nodes. 2008-03-03 22:02:10 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 9a70496d3c Fix serious bugs related with El-Torito. 2008-02-09 19:05:24 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso e88b361b5f Make iso_read_image_features private. Add getters for its properties. 2008-02-02 16:05:03 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 04c6bf39b4 Added little macros to simplify IsoNode type hierarchy handling. 2008-01-30 00:13:18 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 3528f9d0ef Add new replace modes. 2008-01-26 21:52:42 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso ea45f858cb Default Builder is now based on low level node create functions. 2008-01-26 16:10:23 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 0ad92fc56d struct iso_read_image_features is now allocated by libisofs. 2008-01-26 15:39:58 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 29058378fd For API stablility reasons, make iso_read_opts private. 2008-01-26 14:00:46 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 1a1fcf8362 Add version field to all structs that will remain public. 2008-01-26 13:15:15 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 764e99e34b For API stablility reasons, make Ecma119WriteOpts private. 2008-01-26 13:04:16 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso a282a7581e Expose report callback. 2008-01-23 20:46:38 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso c272228590 Removed stop_on_error, now replaced by iso_set_abort_severity(). 2008-01-23 20:11:52 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso d92f8f68d2 Option to set default values for file timestamps. 2008-01-23 19:46:36 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso ebcd5883e2 Update burn_source to version 1, that adds cancel() function. 2008-01-23 00:34:27 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 164e97f6bc Added API to set the abort severity. 2008-01-22 22:24:33 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 1f1160d3d1 Removed unneeded header fs_image.h. 2008-01-19 17:47:46 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 1a767722c6 Expose IsoFilesystem and IsoFileSource. 2008-01-19 17:41:01 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 0c1ea8cc7e Add open() and close() operations to IsoFilesystem. 2008-01-19 16:56:46 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso df5aa263ec Replace per Image messenger with a global one, and use image id instead. 2008-01-19 02:48:12 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 57025a614d Support for reading ISO-9660:1999 images. 2008-01-17 00:15:42 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 5ed68d20e9 Add support for ISO-9660:1999. 2008-01-16 21:51:41 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 5fe04ccfb2 Add option to ignore special files. 2008-01-15 17:23:34 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 9a66c6cd33 Enhance support for relaxe ISO constraints. 2008-01-15 00:21:07 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 9ebc4a1eef Add some more control to the ring buffer. 2008-01-14 21:13:53 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso a1bcc73198 Support for relaxed filenames on ISO-9660 images. 2008-01-13 01:06:56 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso c00d84f0f2 Improve mangling algorithm, by using a hash table for name search. 2008-01-12 02:43:07 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso cd8943105c Functions to access volume information from an IsoImageFilesystem. 2008-01-11 16:19:50 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso e9e1d28333 Improve demo program, including support for El-Torito. 2008-01-10 19:41:38 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 51df8c6284 Fix bug introduced when adding Joliet that causes libisofs to hang.
It causes an attempt to read an extra block from ring buffer to overwrite 
buffer, which causes libisofs to hang. The problem is that Volume Descriptor
Set terminator should not be read from buffer, but generated instead.
2008-01-09 18:57:47 +01:00
Vreixo Formoso 7bb4eaf46d Little improves to image reading. 2008-01-08 17:33:06 +01:00