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* Copyright (c) 2007 Vreixo Formoso
* Copyright (c) 2009 - 2024 Thomas Schmitt
* This file is part of the libisofs project; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
* or later as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* See COPYING file for details.
#include "libisofs.h"
#include "node.h"
#include "fsource.h"
#include "builder.h"
/* Size of a inode recycling window. Each new window causes a tree traversal.
Window memory consumption is ISO_USED_INODE_RANGE / 8.
This must be a power of 2 smaller than 30 bit and larger than 8 bit.
Here: 32 kB memory for 256k inodes.
#define ISO_USED_INODE_RANGE (1 << 18)
/* How many warnings to issue about name collisions during iso_image_import()
* Image is a context for image manipulation.
* Global objects such as the message_queues must belogn to that
* context. Thus we will have, for example, a msg queue per image,
* so images are completely independent and can be managed together.
* (Useful, for example, in Multiple-Document-Interface GUI apps.
* [The stuff we have in init belongs really to image!]
struct Iso_Image
int refcount;
IsoDir *root;
char *volset_id;
char *volume_id; /**< Volume identifier. */
char *publisher_id; /**< Volume publisher. */
char *data_preparer_id; /**< Volume data preparer. */
char *system_id; /**< Volume system identifier. */
char *application_id; /**< Volume application id */
char *copyright_file_id;
char *abstract_file_id;
char *biblio_file_id;
char *creation_time;
char *modification_time;
char *expiration_time;
char *effective_time;
char application_use[512];
/* el-torito boot catalog */
struct el_torito_boot_catalog *bootcat;
/* Eventually loaded system area data, or NULL */
char *system_area_data;
/* Prescribed/detected options, see iso_write_opts_set_system_area() */
/* >>> Needs to be coordinated with .imported_sa_info->system_area_options
int system_area_options;
* Up to 15 boot files can be referred by a MIPS Big Endian Volume Header.
The mips_boot_file_paths are ISO 9660 Rock Ridge paths.
int num_mips_boot_files;
char *mips_boot_file_paths[15]; /* ISO 9660 Rock Ridge Paths */
/* A data file of which the position and size shall be written after
a SUN Disk Label.
IsoFile *sparc_core_node;
* Parameters for HP-PA PALO boot sector. cmdline is a string. The other
* four are absolute paths to data files in the ISO image.
char *hppa_cmdline;
char *hppa_bootloader;
char *hppa_kernel_32;
char *hppa_kernel_64;
char *hppa_ramdisk;
/* Absolute DEC Alpha boot image path in the ISO image */
char *alpha_boot_image;
/* image identifier, for message origin identifier */
int id;
* Default filesystem to use when adding files to the image tree.
IsoFilesystem *fs;
* Block storage of imported ISO if demanded by IsoReadOpts.
IsoDataSource *import_src;
* Default builder to use when adding files to the image tree.
IsoNodeBuilder *builder;
* Whether to follow symlinks or just add them as symlinks
unsigned int follow_symlinks : 1;
* Whether to skip hidden files
unsigned int ignore_hidden : 1;
* Flags that determine what special files should be ignore. It is a
* bitmask:
* bit0: ignore FIFOs
* bit1: ignore Sockets
* bit2: ignore char devices
* bit3: ignore block devices
int ignore_special;
* Whether to ignore ACL when inserting nodes into the image.
* Not in effect with loading a complete ISO image but only with image
* manipulation.
unsigned int builder_ignore_acl : 1;
* Whether to ignore EAs when inserting nodes into the image.
* Not in effect with loading a complete ISO image but only with image
* manipulation. ACL does not count as EA.
unsigned int builder_ignore_ea : 1;
* If not builder_ignore_ea : import all xattr namespaces from local
* filesystem, not only "user.
unsigned int builder_take_all_ea : 1;
* Files to exclude. Wildcard support is included.
char** excludes;
int nexcludes;
* if the dir already contains a node with the same name, whether to
* replace or not the old node with the new.
enum iso_replace_mode replace;
enum iso_replace_mode (*confirm_replace)(IsoFileSource *src, IsoNode *node);
* What to do in case of name longer than truncate_length:
* 0= throw FAILURE
* 1= truncate to truncate_length with MD5 of whole name at end
int truncate_mode;
int truncate_length;
* This is a convenience buffer for name truncation during image
* manipulation where libisofs is not thread-safe anyway.
char truncate_buffer[4096];
* When this is not NULL, it is a pointer to a function that will
* be called just before a file will be added. You can control where
* the file will be in fact added or ignored.
* @return
* 1 add, 0 ignore, < 0 cancel
int (*report)(IsoImage *image, IsoFileSource *src);
* User supplied data
void *user_data;
void (*user_data_free)(void *ptr);
* Inode number management. inode_counter is taken over from
* IsoImageFilesystem._ImageFsData after image import.
* It is to be used with img_give_ino_number()
* This is a Rock Ridge file serial number. Thus 32 bit.
uint32_t inode_counter;
* A bitmap of used inode numbers in an interval beginning at
* used_inodes_start and holding ISO_USED_INODE_RANGE bits.
* If a bit is set, then the corresponding inode number is occupied.
* This interval is kept around inode_counter and eventually gets
* advanced by ISO_USED_INODE_RANGE numbers in a tree traversal
* done by img_collect_inos(). The value will stay in the 32 bit range,
* although used_inodes_start is 64 bit to better handle rollovers.
uint8_t *used_inodes;
uint64_t used_inodes_start;
* Array of MD5 checksums as announced by xattr "" of the
* root node. Array element 0 contains an overall image checksum for the
* block range checksum_start_lba,checksum_end_lba. Element size is
* 16 bytes. IsoFile objects in the image may have xattr ""
* which gives their index in checksum_array.
uint32_t checksum_start_lba;
uint32_t checksum_end_lba;
uint32_t checksum_idx_count;
char *checksum_array;
* Whether a write run has been started by iso_image_create_burn_source()
* and has not yet been finished.
int generator_is_running;
/* Pointers to directories or files which shall be get a HFS+ blessing.
* libisofs/hfsplus.c will compare these pointers
* with the ->node pointer of Ecma119Nodes.
* See libisofs.h
IsoNode *hfsplus_blessed[ISO_HFSPLUS_BLESS_MAX];
/* Counts the name collisions while iso_image_import() */
size_t collision_warnings;
/* Contains the assessment of boot aspects of the loaded image */
struct iso_imported_sys_area *imported_sa_info;
/* Whether some local filesystem xattr namespace could not be explored
* during node building.
int blind_on_local_get_attrs;
/* Deeper tree inspection when reading an IsoImage assesses traces of the
used write options.
int do_deeper_tree_inspection;
int tree_loaded; /* 0=ISO 9660/ECMA-119 1=Joliet 2=ISO 9660:1999 */
int rr_loaded; /* 0=plain ISO 9660/ECMA-119 1=Rock Ridge */
IsoWriteOpts *tree_compliance;
/* Apply truncation mode to name, using image->truncate_buffer to perform
truncation if needed.
Warning: Not thread-safe !
int iso_image_truncate_name(IsoImage *image, const char *name, char **namept,
int flag);
/* Collect the bitmap of used inode numbers in the range of
_ImageFsData.used_inodes_start + ISO_USED_INODE_RANGE
@param flag bit0= recursion is active
int img_collect_inos(IsoImage *image, IsoDir *dir, int flag);
* A global counter for inode numbers for the ISO image filesystem.
* On image import it gets maxed by the eventual inode numbers from PX
* entries. Up to the first 32 bit rollover it simply increments the counter.
* After the first rollover it uses a look ahead bitmap which gets filled
* by a full tree traversal. It covers the next inode numbers to come
* (somewhere between 1 and ISO_USED_INODE_RANGE which is quite many)
* and advances when being exhausted.
* @param image The image where the number shall be used
* @param flag bit0= reset count (Caution: image must get new inos then)
* @return
* Since 0 is used as default and considered self-unique,
* the value 0 should only be returned in case of error.
uint32_t img_give_ino_number(IsoImage *image, int flag);
/* @param flag bit0= overwrite any ino, else only ino == 0
bit1= install inode with non-data, non-directory files
bit2= install inode with directories
bit3= with bit2: install inode on parameter dir
int img_make_inos(IsoImage *image, IsoDir *dir, int flag);
/* Free the checksum array of an image and reset its layout parameters
int iso_image_free_checksums(IsoImage *image, int flag);
/* Equip an ISO image with a new checksum array buffer (after and have already been adjusted).
int iso_image_set_checksums(IsoImage *image, char *checksum_array,
uint32_t start_lba, uint32_t end_lba,
uint32_t idx_count, int flag);
int iso_image_set_pvd_times(IsoImage *image,
char *creation_time, char *modification_time,
char *expiration_time, char *effective_time);
/* Collects boot block information obtained from the system area of
imported images
struct iso_imported_sys_area {
int refcount;
/* Whether there was some System Area data at all */
int is_not_zero;
/* Giving the error number if the assessment ended by an error */
int overall_return;
/* Block address of loaded Primar Volume Descriptor */
uint32_t pvd_block;
/* Size of the imported ISO image */
uint32_t image_size;
/* see libisofs.h : iso_write_opts_set_system_area() */
int system_area_options;
/* The perceived MBR partitions */
struct iso_mbr_partition_request **mbr_req;
int mbr_req_count;
/* see ecma119.h : struct ecma119_image , struct iso_write_opts */
/* Effective partition table parameter: 1 to 63, 0= disabled/default */
int partition_secs_per_head;
/* 1 to 255, 0= disabled/default */
int partition_heads_per_cyl;
/* see ecma119.h : struct iso_write_opts */
uint32_t partition_offset;
/* 2048-byte start LBA and block count of PreP partition */
uint32_t prep_part_start;
uint32_t prep_part_size;
/* see ecma119.h : struct ecma119_image */
struct iso_apm_partition_request **apm_req;
int apm_req_count;
int apm_req_flags;
/* Number of found "GapNN", "ISO9660_data" partitions in APM */
int apm_gap_count;
/* see ecma119.h : struct iso_write_opts */
int apm_block_size;
/* >>> see ecma119.h : struct iso_write_opts */
int hfsp_block_size;
/* see ecma119.h : struct ecma119_image */
struct iso_gpt_partition_request **gpt_req;
int gpt_req_count;
int gpt_req_flags;
/* see ecma119.h : struct ecma119_image */
uint8_t gpt_disk_guid[16];
/* Start of GPT entries in System Area, block size 512 */
uint64_t gpt_part_start;
uint32_t gpt_max_entries;
uint64_t gpt_first_lba;
uint64_t gpt_last_lba;
uint64_t gpt_backup_lba;
char *gpt_backup_comments;
uint32_t gpt_head_crc_found;
uint32_t gpt_head_crc_should;
uint32_t gpt_array_crc_found;
uint32_t gpt_array_crc_should;
/* see image.h : struct Iso_Image */
int num_mips_boot_files;
char **mips_boot_file_paths; /* ISO 9660 Rock Ridge Paths */
struct iso_mips_voldir_entry **mips_vd_entries;
/* see ecma119.h : struct ecma119_image */
/* Memorized ELF parameters from MIPS Little Endian boot file */
uint32_t mipsel_e_entry;
uint32_t mipsel_p_offset;
uint32_t mipsel_p_vaddr;
uint32_t mipsel_p_filesz;
uint32_t mipsel_seg_start;
char *mipsel_boot_file_path;
/* see image.h : struct Iso_Image */
char *sparc_disc_label;
int sparc_secs_per_head;
int sparc_heads_per_cyl;
struct iso_sun_disk_label_entry *sparc_entries;
int sparc_entry_count;
/* grub2-sparc-core : a node in the ISO image
published at bytes 0x228 to 0x233
uint64_t sparc_grub2_core_adr;
uint32_t sparc_grub2_core_size;
IsoFile *sparc_core_node;
/* Only for representing the imported ISO:
Path of file which held the partition content.
NULL = no such file
char *sparc_core_node_path;
/* see image.h : struct Iso_Image */
int hppa_hdrversion;
char *hppa_cmdline;
uint32_t hppa_kern32_adr;
uint32_t hppa_kern32_len;
uint32_t hppa_kern64_adr;
uint32_t hppa_kern64_len;
uint32_t hppa_ramdisk_adr;
uint32_t hppa_ramdisk_len;
uint32_t hppa_bootloader_adr;
uint32_t hppa_bootloader_len;
uint32_t hppa_ipl_entry;
char *hppa_kernel_32;
char *hppa_kernel_64;
char *hppa_ramdisk;
char *hppa_bootloader;
uint64_t alpha_boot_image_size;
uint64_t alpha_boot_image_adr;
char *alpha_boot_image;
/* Some block addresses of active and first session:
PVD, L Pathtable, Opt L, M Pathtable, Opt M, root directory
uint32_t meta_struct_blocks[12];
int num_meta_struct_blocks;
int iso_imported_sa_new(struct iso_imported_sys_area **sa_info, int flag);
int iso_imported_sa_unref(struct iso_imported_sys_area **sa_info, int flag);
void iso_image_assess_ecma119_name(IsoImage *image, struct stat *info,
char *path, char *name);
void iso_image_assess_joliet_name(IsoImage *image, struct stat *info,
char *path, char *name);
#endif /*LIBISO_IMAGE_H_*/