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* Mocked objects to simulate an input filesystem.
#ifndef MOCKED_FSRC_H_
#define MOCKED_FSRC_H_
struct mock_file {
IsoFilesystem *fs;
struct mock_file *parent;
struct stat atts;
char *name;
/* for links, link dest. For dirs, children */
void *content;
* A mocked fs.
int test_mocked_filesystem_new(IsoFilesystem **fs);
struct mock_file *test_mocked_fs_get_root(IsoFilesystem *fs);
int test_mocked_fs_add_dir(const char *name, struct mock_file *parent,
struct stat atts, struct mock_file **dir);
int test_mocked_fs_add_symlink(const char *name, struct mock_file *p,
struct stat atts, const char *dest, struct mock_file **node);
#endif /*MOCKED_FSRC_H_*/