Vreixo Formoso bd0f787f61 Store joliet-related info in Ecma119Image target insted of Writer.
In fact, this is not a good decission, writer is a better place for 
writer dependent data, but for now I prefer to store anything in the 
target. Later we can improve Writer encapsulation.
2008-01-06 17:52:58 +01:00

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* Copyright (c) 2007 Vreixo Formoso
* Copyright (c) 2007 Mario Danic
* This file is part of the libisofs project; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation. See COPYING file for details.
* Declare Joliet related structures.
#include "libisofs.h"
#include "ecma119.h"
enum joliet_node_type {
struct joliet_dir_info {
JolietNode **children;
size_t nchildren;
size_t len;
size_t block;
struct joliet_node
uint16_t *name; /**< Name in UCS-2BE. */
//size_t dirent_len;
JolietNode *parent;
IsoNode *node; /*< reference to the iso node */
enum joliet_node_type type;
union {
IsoFileSrc *file;
//TODO change with a pointer
struct joliet_dir_info dir;
} info;
* Create a IsoWriter to deal with Joliet estructures, and add it to the given
* target.
* @return
* 1 on success, < 0 on error
int joliet_writer_create(Ecma119Image *target);
#endif /* LIBISO_JOLIET_H */