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* Copyright (c) 2012 Vladimir Serbinenko
* This file is part of the libisofs project; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
* or later as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* See COPYING file for details.
* Declare HFS+ related structures.
#include "libisofs.h"
#include "ecma119.h"
enum hfsplus_node_type {
struct hfsplus_btree_node
uint32_t start;
uint32_t cnt;
uint32_t strlen;
uint16_t *str;
uint32_t parent_id;
struct hfsplus_btree_level
uint32_t level_size;
struct hfsplus_btree_node *nodes;
struct hfsplus_node
/* Note: .type HFSPLUS_DIR_THREAD and HFSPLUS_FILE_THREAD do not own their
.name and .cmp_name. They have copies of others, if ever.
uint16_t *name; /* Name in UTF-16BE, decomposed. */
uint16_t *cmp_name; /* Name used for comparing. */
IsoNode *node; /*< reference to the iso node */
uint32_t symlink_block;
char *symlink_dest;
enum hfsplus_node_type type;
IsoFileSrc *file;
uint32_t cat_id;
uint32_t parent_id;
uint32_t nchildren;
uint32_t strlen;
uint32_t used_size;
int hfsplus_writer_create(Ecma119Image *target);
int hfsplus_tail_writer_create(Ecma119Image *target);
struct hfsplus_extent
/* The first block of a file on disk. */
uint32_t start;
/* The amount of blocks described by this extent. */
uint32_t count;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
struct hfsplus_forkdata
uint64_t size;
uint32_t clumpsize;
uint32_t blocks;
struct hfsplus_extent extents[8];
} __attribute__ ((packed));
struct hfsplus_volheader
uint16_t magic;
uint16_t version;
uint32_t attributes;
uint32_t last_mounted_version;
uint32_t journal;
uint32_t ctime;
uint32_t utime;
uint32_t backup_time;
uint32_t fsck_time;
uint32_t file_count;
uint32_t folder_count;
uint32_t blksize;
uint32_t total_blocks;
uint32_t free_blocks;
uint32_t next_allocation;
uint32_t rsrc_clumpsize;
uint32_t data_clumpsize;
uint32_t catalog_node_id;
uint32_t write_count;
uint64_t encodings_bitmap;
uint32_t ppc_bootdir;
uint32_t intel_bootfile;
/* Folder opened when disk is mounted. */
uint32_t showfolder;
uint32_t os9folder;
uint32_t unused;
uint32_t osxfolder;
uint64_t num_serial;
struct hfsplus_forkdata allocations_file;
struct hfsplus_forkdata extents_file;
struct hfsplus_forkdata catalog_file;
struct hfsplus_forkdata attrib_file;
struct hfsplus_forkdata startup_file;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
struct hfsplus_btnode
uint32_t next;
uint32_t prev;
int8_t type;
uint8_t height;
uint16_t count;
uint16_t unused;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
/* The header of a HFS+ B+ Tree. */
struct hfsplus_btheader
uint16_t depth;
uint32_t root;
uint32_t leaf_records;
uint32_t first_leaf_node;
uint32_t last_leaf_node;
uint16_t nodesize;
uint16_t keysize;
uint32_t total_nodes;
uint32_t free_nodes;
uint16_t reserved1;
uint32_t clump_size;
uint8_t btree_type;
uint8_t key_compare;
uint32_t attributes;
uint32_t reserved[16];
} __attribute__ ((packed));
struct hfsplus_catfile_thread
uint16_t type;
uint16_t reserved;
uint32_t parentid;
uint16_t namelen;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
struct hfsplus_catfile_common
uint16_t type;
uint16_t flags;
uint32_t valence; /* for files: reserved. */
uint32_t fileid;
uint32_t ctime;
uint32_t mtime;
uint32_t attr_mtime;
uint32_t atime;
uint32_t backup_time;
uint32_t uid;
uint32_t gid;
uint8_t user_flags;
uint8_t group_flags;
uint16_t mode;
uint32_t special;
uint8_t file_type[4]; /* For folders: window size */
uint8_t file_creator[4]; /* For folders: window size */
uint8_t finder_info[24];
uint32_t text_encoding;
uint32_t reserved;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
extern uint16_t (*hfsplus_decompose_pages[256])[HFSPLUS_MAX_DECOMPOSE_LEN + 1];
void make_hfsplus_decompose_pages();
extern uint16_t *hfsplus_class_pages[256];
void make_hfsplus_class_pages();
extern const uint16_t hfsplus_casefold[];
int iso_get_hfsplus_name(char *input_charset, int imgid, char *name,
uint16_t **result, uint32_t *result_len, uint16_t **cmp_name);
#endif /* LIBISO_HFSPLUS_H */