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= libisofs =
libisofs is a library to create an ISO-9660 filesystem, and supports extensions like RockRidge and Joliet. It is also a full featured ISO-9660 editor, allowing you to modify an ISO image or multisession disc, including file addition/removal, change of file names and attributes, and similar.
The old has been declarated deprecated and frozen, leaving it unmaintained. A full refactoring of the design has been done during the last months, and the next generation of the library will be released in the following days.
== Source Code ==
The code is maintained in a [ Bazaar] repository at Launchpad ( You can download it with:
$ bzr branch lp:libisofs
To report any bug or suggest enchantments, [ register] yourself and submit a new ticket. Bug and enchantments reports for nglibisofs can be found at
== Usage tutorial ==
Coming soon... For now check [ "doc/Tutorial"] in the source tree.
=== Applications ===
Comming soon:
[ libisoburn]:
emulates ISO 9660 multi-session on overwriteable media, coordinates libisofs and libburn.
[ xorriso]:
creates, loads, manipulates and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions.