194 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Aren Olson 71718a075b make setup.py respect pkg-config if available 11 years ago
  Aren Olson cead9a6032 python-libburn now imports successfully 11 years ago
  Aren Olson ccf0b07927 fixing build errors in python-libburn. import still fails. 11 years ago
  Aren Olson 11333e3293 adding a distutils setup file for python-libburn 11 years ago
  Mario Danic a75c6d4a36 Moved java bindings to experimental 11 years ago
  Mario Danic 291b4050d0 Added python-libisofs bindings dir 11 years ago
  Mario Danic 6f99e70354 Created python dir for libisoburn 11 years ago
  Mario Danic 4865201dbf Added initial version of python libburn bindings 11 years ago
  Mario Danic b97679fc40 Created a directory for initial python-libburn work 11 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 938b9f6111 Update unmount and TODO. 11 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 773d0ddb3d Ask to unmount the disc via dbus/hal, although it isn't as much of a silver bullet as I wish. It unmounts discs from EFM fine, but Thunar isn't so compliant. 11 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 7825c6a29c Use known data for burning disc initialization, helps to not block the interface. 11 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 65accd34fa Erasing now utilizes info already aquired from ecdb_hal. 11 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 62867a7d49 Knock another item off the TODO. Theme now emits ecdb,clicked for taking action, and ecdb,activate for focusing. 11 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 88677ca45a Fix some bad memory stuff, add more logging. 11 years ago
  Jaime Thomas db0f419193 Update TODO to reflect dbus additions. 11 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 6cae6ae0bc More work with dbus. 11 years ago
  Jaime Thomas dd49f15902 DBus goodness! Drive detection is more reliable now, need to implement some detection of the volume characteristics now. 11 years ago
  Jaime Thomas d71918fc7a Small fixes here and there. 11 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 0d6c54019a Fix issue with the theme path after opening the config dialog. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 07c7330027 Rid some useless eina_list_free calls, proper ecdb_source usage in filelist and burn data gui, and update to new EWL API. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas d03a494200 Data burning works somewhat nicely now... Also some misc memory leaks and small fixes. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas a3ecf782c5 Again, don't scale if it isn't enabled. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 0fecb5f4d3 A bit of theme work, some random widget fixes here and there, and fix a lot of memory problems with burn_data. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas a3af6dd9b0 Use eina error logging, instead of plain printfs. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 32ee084cc2 Use custom ewl callback instead of global ecore event. Use the correct fill policy in the config dialog. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas ab859df1f4 Memory leaks, better scaling. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas b9845aad0a Not sure why this didn't get committed as well. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas aa0cbe616f Don't scale the window if we aren't using scaling. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 7e5df4ed70 The config dialog is now accessable. A bit more work done on the slide_in tab, but it still a bit glitchy. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 1a603cbd3a Work on a config dialog. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 6e25d613d3 Touch up the theme and text of the about page. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 62e40a8b9e Some forgotten files. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas fe71ef55d8 And allow the about page to be shown. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 25b42dc3d5 Some theme work. Beginning to work to an about page. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas a3bc714f14 Follow the correct widget. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 2c8a5fb139 Fix a bunch of mistakes I made before. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 894f4d59f5 Oops, forgot to renable the erase page controls. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas de08ff3b6c Some random fixes here and there. There is no more name_find or name_set use. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 84a33a8131 Get burn data options working again, stop crashing when deleting the config_inwin object before showing it. Also get rid of the sloppy focus to the filelist, as it doesn't work correctly in certain cases. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas d46a81efa8 Fix some crashes and a bunch of memory leaks/errors. There are still a few memory leaks originating deep within ewl somewhere. Also, if you don't open the config_inwin before closing the program, there are some errors. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 881360db79 Compiles now, but still crashy. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 2d5000f5a9 And horribly break everything. Need to rewrite a bunch of stuff dealing with inheritance. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 787957d78d Adjust the custom filelist accordingly to the API break. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas bfedcfcd28 Ok, some stuff I missed when updating. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 3273177453 Get rid of the theming work I did before... This is better but still needs work on allowing the theme to define custom widgets. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas ef1494f2e8 And more moving the buttons into the theme. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas 87bd540568 And burn_image too... 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas e3e926edf5 Also move burn_data over as well. 12 years ago
  Jaime Thomas e618410b36 Very small fixes for the check. 12 years ago