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@ -110,13 +110,16 @@ wishes as well as on the development of libburn.</DT>
<DD>$ cdrskin -v dev=ATA:1,0,0 speed=48 driveropts=burnfree -sao track1.wav -audio -swab track3.raw
<DT><A HREF="cdrskin_help">cdrskin -help</A></DT>
<DD>reports the cdrecord compatible options</DD>
<DT><A HREF="cdrskin__help">cdrskin --help</A></DT>
<DD>reports the non-cdrecord options</DD>
<DT><A HREF="">man cdrecord</A></DT>
<DD>documents the standard for which cdrskin is striving.
<B>Do not bother Joerg Schilling with any cdrskin problems.</B>
<DT>Get overview of the cdrecord compatible options:</DT>
<DD><A HREF="cdrskin_help">$ cdrskin -help</A></DD>
<DT>Get overview of the non-cdrecord options:</DT>
<DD><A HREF="cdrskin__help">$ cdrskin --help</A></DD>
<DT>Read the detailed manual page:</DT>
<DD><A HREF="man_1_cdrskin.html">$ man cdrskin</A></DD>
<DT>Read about the standard for which cdrskin is striving:</DT>
<DD><A HREF="">
$ man cdrecord</A></DD>
<DD><B>Do not bother Joerg Schilling with any cdrskin problems.</B>
(Be cursed if you install cdrskin as "cdrecord" without clearly forwarding
this "don't bother Joerg" demand.)
@ -150,9 +153,10 @@ rw-permissions and retry the bus scan as non-superuser.
<DT>Download as source code (see README):</DT>
<DD><A HREF="cdrskin-0.2.6.pl01.tar.gz">cdrskin-0.2.6.pl01.tar.gz</A>
<DD><A HREF="cdrskin-0.2.6.pl02.tar.gz">cdrskin-0.2.6.pl02.tar.gz</A>
(510 KB).
<DD>(Most recent patch: backported man page from cdrskin-0.2.7)</DD>
The "stable" cdrskin tarballs are source code identical with "stable"
libburn releases or with "stabilized" libburn SVN snapshots. They get
@ -183,6 +187,8 @@ cdrskin_0.2.6.pl01-x86-suse9_0-static.tar.gz</A>, (260 KB), -static compiled,
<DD>Thomas Schmitt, <A HREF=""></A></DD>
<DD>libburn development mailing list,
<A HREF=""></A></DD>
<DD><A HREF="COPYING_cdrskin">GPL</A>, an <A HREF="">Open Source</A> approved license</DD>
@ -222,13 +228,14 @@ Enhancements towards previous stable version cdrskin-0.2.4:
<LI>Improved recognition of unsuitable media types</LI>
<LI>Ban of chmod u+s is replaced by a loud warning</LI>
<LI>Detailed man page: <A HREF="man_1_cdrskin.html">cdrskin/cdrskin.1</A></LI>
<LI>Detailed man page (already backported to cdrskin-0.2.6.pl02)</LI>
<DD><A HREF="README_cdrskin_devel">README 0.2.7</A>
<DD><A HREF="cdrskin__help_devel">cdrskin_0.2.7 --help</A></DD>
<DD><A HREF="cdrskin_help_devel">cdrskin_0.2.7 -help</A></DD>
<DD><A HREF="man_1_cdrskin_devel.html">man cdrskin (as of 0.2.7)</A></DD>
<DT>Maintainers of cdrskin unstable packages please use SVN of
<A HREF=""></A></DT>
@ -244,7 +251,7 @@ vanilla tools like make and gcc are needed.</DD>
<DT>The following downloads are intended for adventurous end users or
admins with full system souvereignty.</DT>
<DD>Source (./bootstrap is already applied, build tested, for more see above
<DD>Source (./bootstrap is already applied, build tested, for more see
<A HREF="README_cdrskin_devel">upcoming README</A> ):