Refered to both libburn and libisofs in SVN description, updated history

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@ -28,6 +28,9 @@ Our build system is based on autotools. For preparing the build of a SVN
snapshot you will need autotools of at least version 1.7.
Check out from SVN by
svn co libburn_pykix
svn co libisofs_pykix
go into the respective directory libburn_pykix or libisofs_pykix,
and apply autotools by
@ -54,10 +57,10 @@ together strive to be a usable foundation for application development.
These are libraries, language bindings, and middleware binaries which emulate
classical (and valuable) Linux tools.
Our scope is currently Linux 2.4 and 2.6 and we will have a hard time to widen
this for now, because of our history. The project could need advise from or
membership of skilled kernel people and people who know how to talk CD/DVD
drives into doing things.
Our scope is currently Linux 2.4 and 2.6 only. For ports to other systems
we would need : login on a development machine resp. a live OS on CD or DVD,
advise from a system person about the equivalent of Linux sg or FreeBSD CAM,
volunteers for testing of realistic use cases.
We do have a workable code base for burning data CDs, though. The burn API is
quite comprehensively documented and can be used to build a presentable
@ -158,6 +161,9 @@ Project history as far as known to me:
This version of cdrskin is much more cdrecord compatible in repect
to drive addressing and audio features.
- 30th October 2006 release of cdrskin-0.2.4 .
- 13th November 2006 splitting releases of libburn+cdrskin from libisofs.