Removed reference to frontend "burn" (needs a patch to work for .mp3)

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@ -164,6 +164,7 @@ Burn 5 audio tracks to CD
cdrskin dev=/dev/hdc blank=fast fs=0 -eject -audio track0[1-5].cd
Usage example with
Address may be a cdrecord-style "scsibus,target,lun" as listed with
@ -298,27 +299,7 @@ The existence of cdrecord-builtin .wav extraction seems to have
hampered the development of a standalone stripping tool. If you know
a command line that would do the trick, contact me or .
I myself am not into audio. So might be the
best address for requests and bug reports.
Lorenzo also reports of a frontend tool which he talked into burning
automatically extracted files via cdrskin:
which in its configuration file burn.conf would need something like this
in the executables section:
ogg_decoder_option = -q -d raw -f
mp3_decoder_option = --quiet --decode -t -o
cdrecord = /usr/local/bin/cdrskin #or wherever you copied it
mp3_decoder = /usr/bin/lame
ogg_decoder = /usr/bin/ogg123
And in general section:
external_decoding = yes
The burning command would then be:
burn -A -a file1.ogg file2.mp3 file3.mp3 file4.ogg
This way still has a little flaw caused by cdrskin's misinterpretation
of option -pad which puts silent gaps between tracks rather than to
just fill up the final record of a track. We work on it.
best address for suggestions, requests and bug reports.
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