Added personal commitment to grant BSD license on request. Insisted in GPL for now.

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Thomas Schmitt 2006-08-29 09:16:21 +00:00
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@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ A cdrecord compatible command line interface for libburn.
Originally inspired by libburn-0.2/test/burniso.c
(c) Derek Foreman <> and Ben Jansens <>
Provided under GPL.
Provided under GPL. See future commitment below.
This project is neither directed against original cdrecord nor does it exploit
any source code of said program. It rather tries to be an alternative method
@ -82,6 +82,15 @@ achieved by most cdrskin runs. The remaining problem situations should now
be defused by releasing any short time grabbed flocks of drives during the
restart of libburn.
This program is currently copyright Thomas Schmitt only.
I, Thomas Schmitt, commit myself to grant to anybody on mere request the right
to use this under BSD license, i.e. completely free of the special obligations
of GPL. But note well, it is here and now only granted under GPL.
Any person with a BSD license is explictely entitled to grant a GPL with
or without changes to a BSD licensed original. Nothing else is intended
by me. It is only that i want to grant others the same rights that i claim
effectively for me. And for me i do claim the rights of a BSD license.
Compilation within cdrskin-* :