Removed writing of dummy data with blank=format_overwrite_full

Thomas Schmitt 17 years ago
parent 15af71d448
commit 435eeea15f

@ -424,10 +424,9 @@ blank=format_overwrite_quickest uses "DVD-RW Quick" formatting (type 15h) too
but leaves the media in "intermediate" state. One may only write sequentially
to such a DVD. This restriction is lifted after the first write session.
blank=format_overwrite_full uses preferrably "DVD-RW Full Format" (type 10h)
and writes a single 32 kB block to address 0 (in case only type 15h is
available). This formatting lasts as long as writing a full DVD but seems
to yield best quality.
blank=format_overwrite_full uses preferrably "Full Format" (type 00h).
This formatting lasts as long as writing a full DVD. It includes writing of
lead-out which is said to be good for DVD ROM compatibility.
Special compilation variations

@ -209,8 +209,8 @@ The "intermediate" state ends after the first session of writing data.
Like format_overwrite but claiming full media size rather than just 128 MB.
Only a minimal data packet gets written. Much patience is required.
May lead to media which have very few time overhead before and after write.
Most traditional formatting is attempted. No data get written.
Much patience is required.
.BI \-checkdrive
@ -259,6 +259,9 @@ insecure about drive or media state. This includes the attempt to blank
media which are classified as unknown or unsuitable, and the attempt to use
write modes which libburn believes they are not supported by the drive.
Another application is with blank=format_* to enforce re-formatting of media
which appear to be sufficiently formatted already.
Use this only when in urgent need.
.BI fs= size

@ -5152,15 +5152,10 @@ set_blank:;
skin->blank_format_size= 128*1024*1024;
} else if(strcmp(cpt,"format_overwrite_full")==0) {
skin->do_blank= 1;
#ifdef Not_yeT
skin->blank_format_type= 1|(1<<10);
/* was : 1|(1<<8)|(1<<10); */
skin->blank_format_size= 0;
skin->blank_format_type= 1|(1<<8)|(1<<10);
skin->blank_format_size= 32*1024; /* write just a minimal packet */
/* was: 32*1024; / * write just a minimal packet */
} else if(strcmp(cpt,"format_overwrite_quickest")==0) {
skin->do_blank= 1;
skin->blank_format_type= 1;

@ -1 +1 @@
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2007.01.10.152520"
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2007.01.10.152812"