Removed paragraph about obsoleted tao_to_sao_tsize=

Thomas Schmitt 16 years ago
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commit 4a26017f2a

@ -154,21 +154,6 @@ $HOME/.cdrskinrc
tao_to_sao_tsize=<num> allows the - actually unsupported - cdrecord option
-tao and defines a default track size to be used if - as custom with -tao -
no option tsize=# is given.
Since -tao is supported in cdrskin-0.2.6 the TAO-to-SAO workaround has become
quite obsolete. Nevertheless, tao_to_sao_tsize= allows to preset a default
size for SAO mode which is in effect only if no track size is available.
As in general with cdrskin tsize=# the data source does not have to provide
the full annouced amount of data. Missing data will be padded up by 0-bytes.
Surplus data is supposed to cause an error, though. The burn will then
be a failure in any way.
dev_translation=<sep><from><sep><to> may be needed to foist cdrskin to
frontend programs of cdrecord which do *not* ask cdrecord -scanbus but
which make own assumptions and guesses about cdrecord's device addresses.