Mentioned telltoc and dewav as helpers of libburner

Thomas Schmitt 17 years ago
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@ -113,6 +113,15 @@ Burn a compressed afio archive on-the-fly, pad up to 700 MB:
To be read from *not mounted* CD via: afio -tvZ /dev/hdc
Program tar would need a clean EOF which our padded CD cannot deliver.
libburner has two companions, telltoc and dewav, which help to perform some
peripheral tasks of burning.
telltoc prints a table of content (sessions, tracks and leadouts), it tells
about type and state of CD media, and also is able to provide the necessary
multi-session information for program mkisofs option -C. See: telltoc --help.
dewav extracts raw byte-swapped audio data from files of format .wav (MS WAVE)
or .au (SUN Audio). See example in libburner --help.
@subsection libburner-source Sourceode of libburner