Avoided unwanted tray loading on eject of never grabbed drive

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Thomas Schmitt 2006-08-29 20:05:23 +00:00
parent cedd85380e
commit 7e4191364a
1 changed files with 7 additions and 4 deletions

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@ -2090,6 +2090,7 @@ int Cdrskin_adjust_speed(struct CdrskiN *skin, int flag)
bit0= skin->driveno points to a valid drive. The library
will get reopened with that drive listed as only one
and already grabbed.
bit1= do not load drive tray
@return 1 = success ,
0 = failure, drive is released, library initialized
-1 = failure, library is finished (and could not get initialized)
@ -2122,7 +2123,7 @@ int Cdrskin_reinit_lib_with_adr(struct CdrskiN *skin, int flag)
fprintf(stderr,"cdrskin : FATAL : Re-initialization of libburn failed\n");
{ret= -1; goto ex;}
ret= Cdrskin_grab_drive(skin,1); /* uses burn_drive_scan_and_grab() */
ret= Cdrskin_grab_drive(skin,1|(flag&2));/* uses burn_drive_scan_and_grab() */
{ret=0; goto ex;}
@ -2141,6 +2142,7 @@ ex:
@param flag Bitfield for control purposes:
bit0= bus is unscanned, device is known,
use burn_drive_scan_and_grab()
bit1= do not load drive tray
@return <=0 error, 1 success
int Cdrskin_grab_drive(struct CdrskiN *skin, int flag)
@ -2174,7 +2176,8 @@ int Cdrskin_grab_drive(struct CdrskiN *skin, int flag)
"cdrskin: experimental: Cdrskin_grab_drive() from shutdown libburn\n");
ret= burn_drive_scan_and_grab(&(skin->drives),skin->preskin->device_adr,1);
ret= burn_drive_scan_and_grab(&(skin->drives),skin->preskin->device_adr,
if(ret<=0) {
fprintf(stderr,"cdrskin: experimental: burn_drive_scan_and_grab ret=%d\n",
@ -2187,7 +2190,7 @@ int Cdrskin_grab_drive(struct CdrskiN *skin, int flag)
if(strlen(skin->preskin->device_adr)<=0) {
"cdrskin: experimental: Cdrskin_grab_drive() restarting libburn\n");
ret= Cdrskin_reinit_lib_with_adr(skin,1);
ret= Cdrskin_reinit_lib_with_adr(skin,1|(flag&2));
goto ex; /* this calls Cdrskin_grab() with persistent address or fails */
@ -3447,7 +3450,7 @@ int Cdrskin_eject(struct CdrskiN *skin, int flag)
#ifndef Cdrskin_burn_drive_eject_brokeN
ClN(fprintf(stderr,"cdrskin_debug: supposing drive eject to have worked\n"));